Extreme Piercings

do faux tapers, plugs and pinchers fit normal pierced ears?

do they fit normal pierced ears or would someone have to stretch their ears a little to get it to fit into their ear? Info please? Thanks

How would you describe me astrology terms.?

For those who believe in astrology no smartasses who waist their times comign to pages they dotn believ in.Im a scorpio ascendant pluto conjunt.Cancer sun,And an aries moon.What do u get form this combo?

So, GUYS, how do you feel about piercings?

Hi! I’m personally a fan of piercings over tattoos any day. On girls, that is…on guys I love tattoos I think they can be sexy! I’m heterosexual, I just mean that I’m a girl & I love getting piercings if that makes sense? haha. So, I just wanted to know what guys think of piercings [...]

does septum hurt more than nostril piercing?

i wanna get it done when my nose heals, but everyone is like ‘a grown man cried from it’.. but like, you cry anyway? haha. does it hurt more? how long does it take for it to heal?

What are some good books like twilight?

I HAVE ASKED this question a million times………. I just ask to hopefully get more answers than I usually get. I finished the series.. and I really want to get some good books :]

im thinkin about shaving my moustach but i afraid of the tan line and that it wont look good wat do u suggest?

Does anyone know where i can find earrings that look like gauges?

Who else agrees with this theory…pain and death are simply illusions.?

Suppose if you were to focus your body, mind and spirit on doing a single, yet potentially fatal thing, such as a front line of a war. Bullets rip through you and pierce vital organs, if you truly ignore it, then you will not feel pain, nor will you die. In other words if you [...]

Does anyone have a summary of “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe?

Has anyone ever written or know of a good summary to this story? I;m fifteen, and I have to write one, but I need some guidance because I do not fully understand story. P.S I’m not trying to make you do my homework for me, I just need help mainly understanding the story

What looks better on a female?

Either an eyebrow piercing barbell or ring http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/buggeye.jpg or lip piercing ring http://www.inklined.ca/images/canada-tattoo/lip-piercing-350.jpg i was just wondering. i’m gunna get one or the other and i was just wondering what ppl thought. i dont care witch kind of ring. you choose. as long as you give a reason why you chose the one you did. [...]