Extreme Piercings

small gifts for friends?

this year for christmas ive decided tht im going to do gift-box type things for my 4 best girl friends and i need some ideas of what to put in them none of them are particularly girly and they are all 16 (or almost 16) Jade- very tomboyish, does not really wear jewelry (doesnt have [...]

How can the Celtics rebuild [Part II]?

Still, Marbury is only 33, has a lot to prove after this year’s debacle yet he showed some signs. That although he’s no longer the player he used to be, he still have something left. Of course, it was unwise of him to delay his Knicks buy-out as he never really had time to adapt [...]

i think i have avoidant personality disorder?

im 15, ive had selective mutism since i was 4 and i was at aviodantpersonalitydisorder.com and it said this How can we each know if we have Avoidant Personality Disorder? Well, read the medical descriptions of AvPD provided. If it feels like you’ve been pierced through your heart and a whole truck load of emotions [...]

Should my surface piercings look like this?

I just got both sides of my hips pierced a few days ago. One side is just a little bit red, nothing too extreme except the other side is red but also bruised. I read that it’s normal to have bruising so i’m assuming they aren’t too infected or anything, but is it normal for [...]

New tongue ring… is this normal?

I pierced my tongue Saturday (6 days ago) and I’m having some issues… -It strains the left side of my throat to talk for more than a few minutes -It hurts to eat, and I can no longer chew on my left side without extreme pain on the left side of my throat -My bottom [...]

Is there a way to lose some pounds by not eating and then go back to normal without gaining weight?

I’m getting my belly button pierced really soon and I just need to drop like 3 pounds in a week maybe 5. I’ve been really healthy (lost 30 pounds in 2.5 months) but I can’t get this last little bit off that will give me a flat stomach FASTT. So I’ve decided to go to [...]

Help, got a parent problem?

I want to ride a motorbike, not now, but later in life when I’m older (obviously, because I’m only 14). But, my dad is totally against it, I mean it’s not like I’m gonna do it now. He strictly forbids me to ever go on a motorbike and I feel so trapped in my dad’s [...]

Is this worst form of MUSLIM SHARIA law, already in the USA???

A Naples, Florida woman has been found INNOCENT of child abuse by a jury after she pierced her daughter’s private parts to keep her away from sexual activity. Plus she shaved her head completely bald to keep boys away. The USA and many others have critized repeatedly the most extreme forms of SHARIA law by [...]

Lebron James overrated? (Read entire details inside or you wont understand)?

Ever since LeBron James made his much maligned choice of “South Beach” over his hometown team, he has taken a critical beatdown not seen in sports since the Michael Vick dog fighting trial. He’s been called a whiner, a loser, a quitter when things got bad, and disloyal to the team that drafted him. But [...]

How can my girlfriend orgasm so many times?

Okay…a few days ago we took our relationship a step further. And started engagin in sexual conversations over the phone…well, I made her orgasm 14 times. We spoke for over 4 hours however. And today. I took it a step further and it got extreme. She ended up having 16 orgasms in just over an [...]