Extreme Piercings

My mom is pressuring to have a boyfriend and I don’t want to!? What should I do?

Me and this guy friend that my mom is obsessed with wants me to go out with him bad. My mom flirts with him through texting pretending to be me like all the time. She is forcing me to go to the prom with him and to invite him to the next family function. She [...]

Do Sagittarius and Aquarius argue a lot?

I’m a Aquarius girl, well me and my Sagittarius have been arguing a lot for the past month, but we get back together like nothing has ever happened. How do i fix this or is this normal? :/

Can someone tell me everything I need to know about getting my tongue pierced???

Because I want to get it done, but want to know everything about it, before I get it done, so could you please fill me in on the piercing??? How long does the swelling last? When will i be able to talk like normal again? Would 11 days be long enough for the swelling to [...]

Why are so many people against piercings?

I never understood people’s hate towards them. But then again, I’m an extreme piercing/body mod enthusiast, so yeah. But anyways, what makes them so unappealing to you? To me, they’re just a way to express yourself. Y’know, we were given this body, so we should be able to do what we want with it, to [...]

Danger from lunar meteor impact secondary particles?

This NASA site http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/21may_100explosions.htm?list189652 which displays data on over 100 observed meteor impacts on the Moon seems to demonstrate a danger from high speed secondary particles to anyone on the lunar surface. Any thoughts?

Does anyone know any good death,black,or grunge metal bands?

I don’t mind what country.Mostly I’m looking for ones from Germany,Norway,Japan,America,Romania…or any others that you think I would enjoy.Thanks!

How Do You Split Your Own Tongue?!?!?

OK so I was on youtube looking up split tongue tricks and i was wondering how DO you spit your on tongue. And why do people so that?

how can i pursuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced?

she said i have to wait until i’m 16 but i really want them done i am 12

I’ve asked this question before but I’m looking for more answers. Do you have a rook piercing?

do you have a rook piercing? im looking into getting on when i go out for the day on monday. what was your experience? did it take longer for the needle to go through compared to other piercings? did you start out with a curved barvell or a captive bead ring? what looks better in [...]

Why aren’t my nipples very sensitive?

I know this is kind of a sexy question but I really want to know. I’ve never really asked my girlfriends about theirs but I just wish my nipples felt more sensitive. I’ve even gotten them pierced a few years ago and that didn’t really do much. My boobs are borrrring.