Extreme Piercings

Can any one find a loophole in this dress code?

Dress shirt and tie, conservative and appropriate for school wear, or, An official Saint Edward’s shirt with the School crest in either white or navy may be worn in lieu of the dress shirt and tie, or an approved polo shirt (i.e. Superfans, golf team shirt, etc). The shirt will be available for purchase from [...]

Will Chicago police buy these Sonic Devices to keep the Tea Partiers down during the 0bama-bought Olympics?

Originally published 04:45 a.m., October 1, 2009, updated 08:38 a.m., October 1, 2009 Jerry Seper – Police Buy Military-style Sonic Device to Subdue Crowds Jerry Seper and Chuck Neubauer THE WASHINGTON TIMES With the help of Homeland Security grants, police departments nationwide looking to subdue unruly crowds and political protesters are purchasing a high-tech device [...]

Should I continue writing? What do you think of this horse-theme novel prologue (4th-9th grade level)?

Should I continue? Thanks for your input! Prologue: A strange quiet had fallen over the hilly land. The summer morning was elusively quiet and lacked its usual sunny cheer. Chief Swift-creek slowly rode his piebald steed along the rocky ridge looking out onto the plain and reined in his small stallion when he reached the [...]

What are these symptoms of?

My mother keeps telling me that she hears a scratching noise like from a dog scratching the carpet in the back of her head. She says it’s like “dun dun…….dun dun dun……duuuun” I know that’s weird, but it’s like it scratches twice, then stops, then three times, then stop, then a long one. Also she [...]

Did u know about this? cause i did i am the Katagari seriously tho i am?

These are the different kinds of wolves: Wolves – These are the most common wolves that we see. Typically shy and distant, they rarely cause harm to others, with exceptions of survival and severe territorial conflicts. They live in well-preserved packs, numbering anywhere between two and ten members. Most packs do not grow larger due [...]

Let me ask a question regarding circumcision too. may as well jump on the bandwagon…?

I’ve seen a lot of questions regarding circumcision lately. I’ve seen it compared to things that made no sense to me and I’ve also seen statements made that were positive to the argument and made you think…here’s my question… For those who say they couldn’t do that to their child, that it had to be [...]

What do you think of this short story?

Im 13 and this was for homework, we were supposed to write a 1 page story about anything. Do you think this is okay? Thank you. Behind her, the noise escalated. Quig and Nigel ran down to the cellar. Jessica yelled, “They’re breaking in!” Nigel Grabbed the shot gun and yelled, “Get down here before [...]

I have an unfavorable cervix…39 weeks w/ #2 and in intense pain, are there any ways to soften my cervix?

I’m 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second baby. I’ve been having contractions (never regular) for over 2 weeks now. When I went to the hospital about it the doctor said they are real contractions they just aren’t “progressive” contractions. I’m dilated to 1 cm (but have been for 3 weeks) and my [...]

Why would my spleen bleed without impact? ?

A few months ago I helped a friend install a large wooden garage door. We lifted several pieces of the garage door over head and twisted our bodies sideways as we did. We lifted the wooden pieces about 4 times, and every piece weighted around 300lbs. I could barely handle the weight and I pushed [...]

Some object or maybe insect when in my ear? Please read~?

Earlier this morning while i was sleeping,half way through my sleep i hear something tugging inside my ear like this thing was trying to enter my left ear = =? So i woke up trying to use 2 of my fingernails to try grip it out,i felt something sharp like earring? and mysteriously the earring [...]