Extreme Piercings

how do i pierce my cartilage myself?

i wanna do it my self. so if ur not going to tell me how, then don’t bother answering it thanksss

Is foot binding in China related to foot fetishism?

Sometimes I have moments were i feel depressed?

I overheard my parents talking and heard that my dad hates me or doesn’t like what i’m becoming. I’m 22 and drink on occasion and go out w/ my friends. I also got my ear pierced. I had my 1st gf when i was 20 and thought i was in love and had sex. After [...]

Can someone please help me?

I have had an extreme case of low self esteem since I was in 3rd grade. I had a crush on this guy named pierce in 3rd grade and I would always follow him around and try to talk to him. Then he started calling me fat and saying I was ugly. From then on [...]

Is it illegal to put a picture of someone on a t-shirt without that persons consent?

My boyfriend and I are being harrassed by a homosexual boy who apparently has a crush on him. i would have no problem with this under any other circumstance, but he has pushed the limits. he spreads false rumors, continuously texts or calls my boyfriend, and is even attemting to talk to all of my [...]

So what kind of nasty critters will they drag out of the Vostok lakes?

http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/1991512/scientists_race_to_breach_anarcticas_lake_vostok/index.html?source=r_science “Russian scientists are set to pierce through Antarctica’s frozen surface to reveal the secrets of an icebound lake that has been sealed deep there for the past 15 million years. ” “Scientists are hoping the lake will reveal new forms of life and show how life evolved may have evolved in the times before [...]

Rap hip hop?please rate no one ever does?

Eat up on this lyrical alphabetical cuisine. My words aren’t always clean but it won’t affect your hygiene. I stabbed mc’s till they have gone green and got gangrene. Pierced their veins with an infected needle of morphine. Your crew isn’t big to me ye are a dwarf team . Ill morph ye are spleens [...]

can anyone find a loop hole in my school’s dress code?

i’ve done duct tape jeans, long colorful socks, tutus, fishnets, and gloves but i cant find any more loop holes. these are just some ideas. im not afraid to break the rules but if i get anything more serious than a detention my parents will kill me. im already on the wrong side of most [...]

Does my mother really love me? Because I am beginning to doubt it?

Throughout my childhood my mother would go from extremes of being over affectionate and trying to baby me to being quite emotionally and physically abusive. On the abusive side she would accuse me of lying when I was not and I had given her no reason to believe I was or accuse me of engaging [...]

How can I pull this look off?

Ok so the idea is to look extremely cute but at the same time “hot” or “sexy.” somewhat skanky or slutty but not to the extremes. Ok so here’s what I was thinking. Plans: 1. My hair is short so I was going to get hair extensions that are straight and I have side bangs. [...]