Extreme Piercings

Getting my upper ear pierced somewhere like Claire’s?

So I don’t want to get my cartilage pierced at Claire’s because I don’t trust them, I’ve heard 9 times out of 10 that they get infected. I got my ears pierced at this the House of Freaks, but its a little to extreme for me (as you might guess with the name) I live [...]

Should i get my nose pierced or my belly button?

I’m going to be thirteen in November and i really want a piercing! Nothing to extreme like a eyebrow or lip ’cause to me, if you get one it looks like your trying to hard. But last week my BFF got a nose piercing and didn’t even tell me so i was really surprise and [...]

Hip Piercings?! Do they hurt?

I want to get my hips pierced, extreme pain or not, I’ll probably get them. Just wondering how bad.. or if they hurt at all??. I’ve pierced my, tongue web hand web lip 6 on each ear 0g stretches on ear rook belly button will it hurt more or less than any of these? my [...]

Pierced my lip and gauged it, help?

It’s at a 14 gauge and I just have a simple placer in to hide it from teacher in school. I know not to use the alcohol stuff or peroxide because it slows the healing process and no neosporin. I not to use non-alcoholic mouth wash, which I have. I did it myself and it [...]

new type of body modification?

or just anything i can do i already have a cartilage piercing and a septum. im not too great at needle/thread tattoos : —————— basically anything that i can hide from my parents, do myself, and isnt insanely extreme . like new places to pierce, new ways to tattoo, new types of body modification.

How do you cope with being cyclothymic? How are your personal relationships w/ sign others, children, parents

I am cyclothymic. I am often depressed, to an extreme that only few understand. It’s not something one can “snap” out of. It runs its course. When I am medicated I feel like a guinea pig…I know that this med is so necessary to keep me on track. I feel failure because I need help [...]

I am experienceing and extreme moment of preeteen anger. Nothing really to answer, I just need to get it out.?

Right. So, for basically as long as I have been alive, I’ve been the same. solid color shirts, same design in different colors, never wore jeans, only plain black pants, absolutely no dresses. For the past year or so, I seriously want to change. Not to fit in, but to change to something feel comfortable [...]

Front Tooth Sensitivity Extreme?

I used to have my tongue pierced and late last week my tooth began to hurt on the bottom edge, but only to when it was applied pressure. The edge of my tooth is kinda rough, and would hurt if i went to eat something particularly hard. So I took out the tongue ring. I [...]

What is the Extreme Fear of Needles called?

So, I’m not scared of needles like sewing needles. I pierced my OWN ears. But I pass out, pee my pants, and throw up when I get blood work done or shots taken. I always have to stay an extra hour at the hospital before I can walk out. I had a 14 hour surgery [...]

Extreme PMS or Pregnancy?

About 4 or 5 days ago I had a really bad migraine so I took a nap and when I woke up I still had it and was very tired. I didn’t think much about this because i’m prone to migraines. The next day I started feeling very sick to my stomach. I thought I [...]