Extreme Piercings

Can Someone look at my essay?

I wrote an essay about the play, Oedipus The King. I showed this to my teacher and he said that I need to make it connect more, explain the facts better, and make sure it all ties into the thesis. I used his suggestions and tried to make it better. Can you guys look at [...]

Ok, does this story idea sound good? At all?

I have this idea for a celebrity-type novel, but I was hoping to try to make it seem a bit darker. I have here a little “excerpt” thing and a summary, too. Um… yeah. I was thinking it would start out as sort of a normal teen-celebrity-type thing, but somewhere along the way it would [...]

Why are Extremists the Accepted Representatives of a Group?

I love Drag Queens as much as anyone. But I always get angry when CNN or ABC cover a Gay March or Rally and focus on the Fetishists and…well, extremes of our community. We are so very diverse, I know that each part is integral to the whole and I love the diversity that creates [...]

Legal/ethical question?

I am about to turn 18 in less than a month. I started orthodontics treatment last december, and my mother paid for my entire course of treatment fully in cash before we began it (which consists of a pallet expander and braces). I know some orthodontists will go to extremes when it comes to oral [...]

What issues does my mother have?

Throughout my childhood my mother would go from extremes of being over affectionate and trying to baby me to being quite emotionally and physically abusive. On the abusive side she would accuse me of lying when I was not and I had given her no reason to believe I was or accuse me of engaging [...]

Does getting your cartilage pierced at the top of your ear hurt?

I understand that it IS something puncturing a hole into your body, but I am just nervous about getting it done. I will be going to a place that uses a gun, and I wanted to know the pros and cons of needles and guns. Also, I have gotten two holes on my earlobes done [...]

what do u think of this story?

how can i make it better? btw its not finished I was running, running for my life. My best friend, Sam, was next to me. We were being chased by something, something bloody, something heartless. I felt the cold, windy air pierce my skin like a million tiny daggers. I ducked into one of the [...]

My earring won’t come off ? I think it got stuck like…in my earlobe?

Okay, well I got my ears pierced about 4 months ago, and kept in the original earring up until 2 weeks ago. My new ones are silver and really nice, and the old ones were really cheap things. Ever since I’ve been wearing these, I’ve been in extreme pain. In the mornings, if I touch [...]

I am 14 and want to dye my hair just a few shades lighter?

So I am naturally blonde about this kind of color in the picture below http://live.drjays.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/jessica-alba-blonde-hair.jpg I would want to dye my hair probably to this color in the picture below http://images.beautyriot.com/photos/taylor-momsen-long-tousled-sexy.jpg I have gotten highlights about this color and they grew out fine without any dark roots. I even asked my hair stylist if I [...]

What do you think of this so far?

Chapter 1 I cried out as Mom grabbed my collar and looked me in the eye. “This is what you get for being disobedient!” she screamed, and threw me to the kitchen table. I crashed into the glass vase, which shattered under the weight of my back. “Mom,” I gasped in pain. “Please, don’t…” I [...]