Extreme Piercings

I already have my lip pierced, how do I convince my mom to let me now get a septum piercing?

I’m 16 and I’ve had my lip pierced for about a year now. My mom is fine with it and she even paid for it and took me to the shop (it was a bday gift). At first however, she was unsure about me getting it done, but after a lot of proving to her [...]

Piercing Pain In Chest?

I am getting a very “sharp” piercing pain in my chest, if you went 2 inches from my left nipple towards my spine, that’s where it feels like the pain is. The frequency with which it is occurring is increasing, it’s about every 5 minutes now. I kind of freeze up when the pain happens, [...]

Is my lip piercing infected?

Ok, i have spider bites (2 lip rings side by side on one side of the lip) and i have had them for 5 days now. The area around the rings has redness and my lip is slightly swollen. When i push my lip outward with my tongue, the redness area turns kinda whitish under [...]

Had extreme pain in my right boob HELP!?!?!?

I woke up at 3am in extreme pain. My boob really hurts. I am a 36D and it feels like something is like piercing it from one side through the other. I have tried massaging it and that does nothing, I have also bit my own nipple to counteract the pain with a more pleasurable [...]

New navel piercing help?

I just got my navel pierced 3 days ago. I’ve been cleaning it with unscented antibacterial soap my piercer gave me, and H2Ocean spray. Today’s the first day the top hole has been a little red, though. The piercing is still sore, and I know that’s normal, but the red is kinda freaking me out. [...]

Cartilage piercing, can’t turn it!?

So I got my piercing yesterday with a ring, and it really hurts. I can’t turn in like a normal ear piercing because its too sore (I tried really hard to turn it and I managed to get it around once, but I was in extreme pain.) and its red around the area. Should I [...]

Should I keep my tongue piercing?

I have had my piercing for over a year now. It doesn’t bother me at all. I enjoy it but recently I’ve been pondering about its affects on my teeth and gums. I have noticed enamel loss at the base of my teeth near my gums. It isn’t anything extreme but I can notice it [...]

Body piercing in new york?

Can anyone who lives in new york state (not city) fill me in on what exactly the laws regarding piercing minors is? All iv’e gotten from internet searches is under 16 you need parental consent, and there is no laws regarding ear piercings,. Which is a fine, because I have my parental consent, and i’ll [...]

Should I go to the piercing place first before going to the doctor about my new navel piercing?

I got my navel pierced with a barbell on the 28th of June. As of a day or so ago, it has gotten a little red around the silver ball at the top and there has been a very tiny bit of milky discharge with a slight gray/green tint to it…There isn’t any excess heat [...]

Extreme chest pains?

Okay sometimes I have these extreme chest pains where I can’t breath through my mouth or else I get a piercing like pain where I can only breath lightly through my nose. It use to happen about once or twice a year and one time I collapsed and had to stay home from school because [...]