Extreme Piercings

hooray for more pregnancy questions! lots of info. help please?

ok this is the deal I’m on low dose birth control around the 20th of February i was on antibiotic for a sinus infection, i had “unprotected” sex during the 10 days the antibiotic was in my system, as i continued to take my birth control everyday. After one act of intercourse during that period [...]

What kind of headache is this?

I’ve had these headaches since about 2004. Randomly, at one point in my head, it will feel like a needle has pierced it, and the area immediately surrounding it feels as though it is tensing or clenching up around it. It’s not extreme pain, but it’s enough to make me take notice. However, the pain [...]

What do you think of this beginning?

Ok so im starting a story & it’s the first time I’ve tried writing in journal form. Would you read this? We were the monster fighters of the realm. We reported to no one, owed our allegiance to no one but each other and the king. Our lives were simpler that way, much simpler. I [...]

what do you think of my story so far?

well, i started writing something for my school’s writing club and would love to know how i can improve on it and what y’all think about it, so here it is… (oh and super sorry its so long, i cant cut it up, but you dont have to read the whole thing i guess) Megan [...]

how can i get into amazing shape?

This summer i really want to work on getting into the most amazing shape i have ever been in. I am not fat, but I could use toning and getting into better shape. I am planning on going to the gym whenever i can throughout the week with my stepmom to work out, and i [...]

How should I manage my out of control 16 year old son?

Last Monday, my wife and I were horrified to find our son had gone and pierced his ear. However… The other day I came home from work early and caught my son doing an immoral thing to himself while watching a naughty movie. What concerns me and his mother is that the movie was, well, [...]

I am petrified of shots! Help!?

I am 17 years old and I’ve been petrified of shots my entire life. Anytime I hear that I even MIGHT need to get a shot, a buckle down on my knees and start crying. I start breathing really fast and even get dizzy sometimes. I’m not scared of like sewing needles, or sharp objects, [...]

Why don’t people want their daughters to be young ladies?

Why does it seem that anything “girlie” for little girls is wrong? I know people won’t let their daughters wear NAIL POLISH at 11, won’t let them save at 13,and I think it’s ridiculous. There are a billion 13 year olds in the world, and probably most of them shave. Because your daughter shaves you [...]

compound complex sentences?

PLEase, plEASE read this story, or at least SOME of it…. PLEASE! i’m in need of great help. i know what a compound complex sentence is but i just can’t figure out where any are in this story…. PLEASE please PLEASE help me find at least two: Although one pair, both of my slippers were [...]

Can anybody interpret these dreams.?

Okay, so this is all that I can remember, it was a lengthy dream. So I am in this video game, and its like nothing I have played before it was realtime 3D, (I know it sounds childish, but I was thoroughly perplexed) I am fighting human-devouring bugs in a floating black temple that is [...]