Facial Piercings

What piercing would look..normal on my face (picture)?

I want a piercing. A facial piercing but i have no idea which one would look right on me maybe one of you piercing fans can help me http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2d8hlqh&s=4

How do i get the ball back in my piercing?

i have a hoop in my nose and i had to take the piercing out for a birthday present facial. now i can’t get the ball to clip back in because it is so small? any tips for now or the future??

Help with unique facial piercings? 10 points?

I already have a monroe. I might be getting my anti eyebrow pierced. I was also looking into dahlia’s and venoms. I want a unique facial piercing idea, thaanks for your help ps. Don’t say any piercings that have to do with the ears.

How can I convince my parents for a second piercing?

I’m turning fourteen soon, in February and I have tried to ask my Mum for a second piercing. All my friends got their second (facial) piercings when they were thirteen. Which kind of makes me feel like an outcast. i have offered to pay, do extra jobs/chores for two years or if I get good [...]

Where do you work if you have facial piercings?

I need a new job that you are able to have facial piercings.. I have a healing piercing that I need to keep in..any suggestions??

Will a nose piercing look good on me?

Okay so I lovee piercings, and i was thinking of getting my nose pierced. But I`m really nervous because it`s a facial piercing so yeah, I want to make sure I get it without any regrets. Give me your honest opinion. I`m open for anything. Thanks guys ! :] http://i34.tinypic.com/11j0ymu.jpg

What facial piercings would i suit?

I’m 15 years old, and I want a facial piercing, i’m not actually allowed one, but if i got the opportunity I would like to get one, i would like to get my lip pierced, but idk. I’m really self conscious and I hate my nose, i’d just like some people opinions. thanks (: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilotelderaj/5820192919/in/photostream

Someone with a micro dermal piercing (preferably a facial one)?

I’ve thought about getting an anti eyebrow piercing but I’ve been advised against it so many times due to the high rate of rejection and the scarring that occurs after wards. I’ve been told that micro dermal piercings (aka single point piercing or dermal punch) are better because they have a much lower rejection rate. [...]

Do you think a lip piercing would look good on me?

I’m 13 and already have a nose peircing which i love. My mom said she’d buy me a lip or eyebrow for christmas but i reall want a lip, do you think a stud or ring? and would it look good on me? It will be located on the side, opposite to my nose ring [...]

Lip piercing questions and help?

okay, well I want to get my lip pierced, My parents dont want me to have a facial piercing. I want a little diamond on my lip. Any ways to convince them? No rude comments about piercings.. ect. oh, and does it hurt?