Facial Piercings

what is the least & most painful facial piercing?

i want an eyebrow or nose or lip piercing and one at the top of my ear. i have 4 ear piercings already that were not painful but im a big baby and i want to know what im paying for. also what is easy to clean and change jewelry. by the way…. im not [...]

Would I look good with any facial piercing?

I’m considering either a nose stud, a monroe, or snakebites. Which one do you think would look best, or do you think some other piercing would look better? I apologize for the crappy picture, but I literally took it two seconds ago. http://tinypic.com/m/66cc4y/3 Sorry about my face being right up in the camera. You can’t [...]

I have my lip pierced (vertical labret) but i want another facial piercing. what should i get?

I have already ruled out a nose piercing, so don’t suggest it XD here are a few pics,

how to get my mom to let me get a facial piercing.?

she thinks they look trashy. but i am VERY good at perswading them. <– i dont know how to spell that. anyway im 14. and i wrote a paper thing but havent given it to her or read it to her. here it is. and i have three cartilage at the top of my right [...]

Moms, do you think that getting a facial piercing will make others percieve me as being a bad parent/person?

I had my lip pierced years ago, I LOVED IT. Well it fell out over night and closed up and i just never had it redone.. I have three kids now, only one when i had it before. I got so many negative looks from people but should i really care what family and others [...]

what is best for someone’s first facial piercing that’s not on their ears?

i’ve been considering getting a few facial piercings since i was about twelve, and now that i’m turning sixteen in june, i am going to be able to get them. my parents have already said it was fine, and my school has no rules against them in the dress code. so now, i’m wondering which [...]

Which of these will replace facial piercing and ear stretching as the next dumb teeny bopper rebel fad?

A) plates in the lip http://www.jefallbright.net/images/20050804a.gif B) neck stretching http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2116/2249623639_9011dc71f4.jpg C) bone or stick through nose D) facial scarring: http://pro.corbis.com/images/AL019721.jpg?size=67&uid=%7B6FFAD331-EF79-4920-8A83-01F9EED44032%7D

Hardly anyone answered this ealier….facial piercing suggestions?

What facial piercings would look best on me? …and also, which ones do you think would look absolutley horrible on me? heres me: http://s315.photobucket.com/albums/ll467/KaylaSHIKARI/?action=view&current=000_0003.jpg http://s315.photobucket.com/albums/ll467/KaylaSHIKARI/?action=view&current=kaylaaa.jpg please no ugly comments, and please don’t call me a label of any kind.. I really hate that. thankies<33

what facial piercing would look right on me?

what facial piercing would look best on me? pic?

nose? eyebrow? lips? none? http://s574.photobucket.com/albums/ss185/ladydi92/