Facial Piercings

What kind of piercing(s) should I get?

I want to get another facial piercing, or possibly more than one, but I don’t know what to get. What would look best with my face? http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/7262/29680133007598298615635.jpg I’m leaning more towards a lip ring, snake bites, spider bites, labaret, eyebrow, or septum (bull ring). If you have any other suggestions, let me know (I already [...]

Are model/talent agencies strict about facial piercings?

I have been waiting forever for two things, getting a facial piercing and finding a good agency. I finally found it(can’t ask them now…) and my birthday in a few weeks would be when I get my piercing. So what do you think?

Facial piercings for round faces?

I want to get another facial piercing, I already got the left side of my nose pierced, but I was wondering what piercings look good on a round face? I was thinking about getting a monroe on the right side, what do you think?

What other piercing are there?

I want another facial piercing or something but i don’t want it too gross like the hip pierce or whatever. i already have my belly and lip pierce. I just want one more . Any suggestion? Oh please none of those “Oh don’t get it it might ruined your future life and career.” I know [...]

What facial piercings fit which faces?

So I’m gonna turn 16 in a few months and my friends are gonna take me out to get a facial piercing as a group, but we don’t know which type of piercing would look good on us. So I’m asking what piercing would flatter what kind of face? (e.g. nose piercing would flatter girls [...]

Are there any religions or cultures that ask, if not require a male to were a nose ring or septum piercing?

im writing a paper on facial piercing but cant find anything relating to this

what type of piercing do you think i should get (pic included)?

i want a piercing but i’m still debating on which one i should get can you tell me some suggestions as to what type of piercing would best suit me i wanted a facial piercing btw thanksss (the link is to my 360 page) http://360.yahoo.com/profile-agIt00gic6PoSBaPqveLLo8B3zU-?cq=1

Which facial or body piercing?

Or both?

If you owned a business would you hire people with facial / hand tattoos and more than one facial pierce?

I’m talking in a place like an Airline ticket counter, bank employee, bus driver, Teacher, or Salesmen?

do guys like girls with facial piercings?

Does it make a girl less attractive if she has a facial piercing? Would it depend on whether or not she’s pretty in the first place? Are there some piercings that are definately less attractive than others? please and thanks.