Facial Piercings

What facial piercing should I gettttt? (pictures!)?

http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/125/l_702b8d5cd7074051afc3752a634f58d4.jpg http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/130/l_6af78c59029c44b293ad45d86d025aaa.jpg

What is a good piercing which isn’t always visible?

Whats the best non facial piercing For a male.

What to get for a new piercing?

I want to get a new piercing. Unfortunately work doesn’t allow facial piercings. What other piercing could I get that people could see that wouldn’t count as a facial piercing? I’m pretty sure snakebites are on your face… I can NOT have facial piercings.

What is the best piercing to get?

What is the best facial piercing for a girl to get? [and why?] I was thinking about a lip or nose piercing [septum]. What do you think?

Should I get a septum piercing or snake bites?

I want to get a facial piercing and I can’t decide whether to get a septum or snake bites. I think they are both really awesome and cute. I am worried that my mouth is too small for snake bites to look right on. I am going to get either or and would just like [...]

what facial piercing would look good on me??

nose, snakebites, single lip ring, eyebrow, double monroe…. what ever u think just tell me and btw sorry about the bad pic it the only one i had and im not fishing for comments i just want to no what yall think!!and no rude comments plz and yes i no i have already asked this [...]

What facial piercing(s) should I get? [pictures]?

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm177/iVickeh/FAILcopy.gif http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm177/iVickeh/Ad.png http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm177/iVickeh/314c617c.jpg Thanks ;]

Favorite facial piercing?

i want a facial percing. i dont want one that every one has, i want something thats somewhat original. but now weird of freaky.

In the summer holidays, I want another facial/not ear piercing. What one?

I’ve considered eyebrow, I’ve already got my nostril pierced. I’m 13 so I can’t get a lip piercing, yet.. I was thinking belly but I’m not that confident. Any ideas? If you cant think of any, suggest some ear piercings.. :] Thanks a lot for your help x What one would suit me? This is [...]

Oh, conundrum! Here’s a pic. Which facial piercing should I spring for?

I have a favorite in mind, but I’d like some outside opinions. Enjoy this sweet pic. Thanks for your help! Yeah, I know the pic’s really intense. Thanks again for your opinions!