Facial Piercings

tongue piercing risks, facial nerve?

there’s a facial in your tongue, right? so what are the chances of damaging, and would it result in face paralysis? also what are some other risks? and should i do it at all?

In general, what piercing looks best on girls?

I’m hoping to get a new facial piercing. I tried to post this with my picture but the postings keep getting deleted :/ It still says it’s open under my questions. So anyway what piercing do you think I should get? Part of me wants just a stud in my nose but on the other [...]

Why do people think that facial piercings are “trashy”?

Or if you think that, WHY do you think that? I was applying for a job at a friggen GROCERY STORE and the owner told me that my monroe piercing was “trashy.” He used that exact wording, too. I mean, I don’t get it. Like, have you ever walked out of a store because the [...]

Should I get the monroe or madonna piercing?

for those of you that don’t know the monroe is a facial piercing on the upper left side of your lip while the madonna is a piercing on the upper right side of your lip. which one should i get? since it wont let me send a link of a picture of me on here [...]

have you noticed alot of this years AUSSIE BIGGEST LOSER contestants have facial piercings?

nearly one member outta each couple has a facial piercing either lip or eyebrow, did u notice this?, i think alot of aussies are pierced these days, cos its common on the show,,lol

With a labret, what do you think: Medusa piercing or Nose ring (girl asking)?

I’m in the punky, rocker type trend. Saying that I mean style wise: i’m not a f*ggot that labels or trys hard. The only facial piercing I have is a labret and i’m getting my tongue done definatly. What would look better? A medusa piercing with the labret or a nose ring? Btw, the preachers [...]

How would my friend look with a monroe piercing?

or any facial piercing,like under the lip,snake bites…etc. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33oi7a0&s=5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14njpy1&s=5 please stay on topic…its not necessary to rate

What is the legal age limit to get a piercing? -MONROE-?

With Parent Consent. For a Monroe Piercing. Facial piercing. In NC! THANKS

Do you think I can pull off a septum piercing or no?

http://images.nexopia.com/gallery/2/3796632/12.jpg http://images.nexopia.com/gallery/2/3796632/13.jpg Thanks! Also, what other facial piercing should I get? I was thinking of getting rid of the snakebites and getting my dimples done instead.

What piercing would look best on me? (: -Pictures-?

I love piercings but I don’t know what would suit my face the best. My ears are stretched already but I want a facial piercing. Any suggestions? (: Me: http://i827.photobucket.com/albums/zz195/Breakingthecycle/2.jpg?t=1285815771