How long before my boyfriend can play with my piercing?

It’s a nipple piercing I just got it yesterday. And he already wants to know.

Is it okay to bring your own earrings to a piercing parlor?

I have permission to get my ears pierced on the helix, or somewhere around there. I want it to get professionally done, and I already have and earring chosen. Do piercing parlors allow you to bring your own earring to be pierced with?

How long do i need to wait so i can change my 2nd ear piercing?

I just got my 2nd ear piercing yesterday. How long do i have to clean my clean my ear, and when can i change the piercing?

Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?

I’m 14, and my mom says that I can get an industrial piercing in my ear for graduation. Does anyone have any information or tips, etc aboiut this piercing? It would help a lot. Thanks. ***industrial

How to clean my swollen helix piercing with no sea salt?

My helix piercing is swollen. It hurts. I have on sea salt right now.. do you know any other ways to clean it? I have been using alcohol rub. But is there anything else that will heal my piercing? Please help.. I need it. Thanks. And I got my piercing just about 1 or 2 [...]

How old do you have to be to get a sternum piercing?

Once summer is over i want to get a micro dermal sternum piercing. Ill be 16. I think my piercer is pretty lenient about the whole age thing. Technically i was supposed to be 16 to get anything pierced at a piercing parlor anywhere in my state i think, but since im all most 16 [...]

How long do i have to keep cleaning my nose piercing?

I have a nose piercing and i clean it twice a day. How long do i have to keep doing this?

Is it safe to wear plastic nose jewelry in a new piercing?

I want to get a nose piercing but I will have to have it concealed until it is done healing. I will need a clear piercing. Those are plastic usually, aren’t they? Is there a stainless steel clear piercing? (Keep in mind that this piercing will be an L-bar or a screw to keep it [...]

What would look good with a septum piercing?

Okay, I basically have my septum pierced and the right side of my lip pierced. I’m using the studded ball instead of the ring for my lip and the ring for my septum. I recently got it done by the way. My question is what other piercings would look good with a septum piercing?

Why does my tongue piercing hurt after changing it?

I got my tongue pierced two months ago and I have recently started changing it. My jewlery is good quality and bought from a reputable jewler, pure surgical steel. The piercing healed wonderfully and it felt fine when I changed my tongue ring the first time. This morning I cleaned it and then changed the [...]