How long does a cartilage piercing take to heal?

I’m thinking about getting my cartilage pierced, but school’s starting up again soon, which means Field Hockey is too. I’m pretty sure I can’t wear earrings during a game, but just to be sure, I don’t want to risk the piercing closing up. How long do they usually take to heal? Okay , yeah I [...]

How bad does a conch piercing hurt compared to a foot tattoo?

I have a tattoo on my foot and it hurt pretty bad but i really want a conch piercing!! I want to know what to expect, the only piercings i have are 2 in my ear lobes. Would the conch piercing hurt more than my tattoo did? And is it like a stabbing pain when [...]

If I have a sterilized piercing needle and the jewelry, how do I properly and safely pierce my monroe?

I have the right sized, brand new, sterilized needle. I know everyone says you should get it professionally done, but that’s not an option for me. Any information or tips are greatly appreciated. Also, are there any ways to minimize the pain during the actual piercing of the skin? Thank you.

How bad would a industiral piercing hurt?

I’ve got doube helix piercing and I want a industrail piercing, I found my cartilage piercings pretty much painless. Any idea on how bad it’ll hurt? I’ve been sleeping on my newest cartilage piercing since I had it done.

How long is a cartilage piercing supposed to hurt?

I got my ear pierced a little over a week ago (not by Claires, but with a piercing gun). It really hurts like hell but it’s so cute. I’ve had this done before on my other ear and I had to take it out. Is it worth the wait? How long does it hurt for?

What are the signs of navel piercing rejection?

I got my navel pierced a little over a month ago. I was wondering what are the signs of navel piercing rejection? My navel piercing is red around the top ball and I can feel the barbell through my skin (but I could the day I got the piercing). I clean my piercing 2x a [...]

How long after the piercing can I swim?

I am planning on getting my belly button pierced sometime either this week or next. I am on 2 swim teams that both start up again on January 5th. I am really keen on getting the piercing done, but I do not know how long I should wait until I can go swimming again, any [...]

How long does it take for a piercing to close up?

I had my belly button pierced at the top, bottom, and a surface piercing just below my belly button. The bottom piercing and the surface piercings closed up in about 2 months, but the top one was taken out nearly 2 years ago and has still not closed up! I can even get a bar [...]

How would my bellybutton piercing affect me doing cheerleading?

Okay, so i tried out for the cheerleading team this year and i made it. Practice dosn’t start until this summer, and in the handbook is plainly says no bellybutton rings. Im 13, and my mom has agreed to let me get it done this summer. I know a girl in highschool who made the [...]

Is a needle or piercing gun better for a nose piercing?

I heard that the needles are better because they are quicker, and the guns can sometimes get stuck. What are your opinions in this? Because I’m planning on getting a nose piercing.