How long can i donate blood after a lip piercing?

Im a teenage male who is planning to have a lip piercing but i dont want to be unable to donate blood

What is the piercing called, under your tongue?

I have seen several people on youtube with a piercing under their tongue. In most of the videos, the people said they pierced it themselves. I was just wondering what it is called? What are the risk of getting it done? & can I get this done at a Piercing/Tattoo Shop?

If you have a lip piercing can you put on makeup without infecting the piercing?

I’m thinking about getting my lip pierced but I do sometimes get acne and wear makeup to hide it. Will putting on foundation or powder affect the piercing negatively, especially when it’s healing? Also how often are gum and tooth damage present with a lip piercing? Thanks!

how do I know if my nose piercing is completely healed? when is it safe to change the stud?

I got my piercing on the 29th of november.

how can i get rid of nose piercing infection?

im not sure if its an infection but when i pierced my nose i did it myself with a sterilized needle. it doesnt have a bump but it is really purple around the piercing. is there anyway of fixing this?

What looks better with a lip piercing and an Eyebrow piercing?

I have size 2 gauge plugs, and I wanted to go up to around 3/8′s or a 00. However, I also am getting my side lip piercing and a vertical eyebrow piercing. Would that look good with 3/8 gauges or should i take out my gauges, and go back to diamond earrings?

What are the safest hip piercing techniques, and what do they involve?

I’m considering getting my hips pierced, but since their is a high rejection rate, I’d like to see which piercing techniques have the lowest risk rate. I know microdermals only have a 2% rejection rate, but what does microdermal mean? and what are the other techniques they use to pierce hips? Also, I want to [...]

What is the best piercing for chubby girls?

Ok so I’m alittle chubby and 17 years of age. My hair is black and shoulder length, and my eyes are brown. I am wanting to know what would be the cutest piercing for me. I already had my monroe and it was quite cute, but what else would look cute on a girl like [...]

What do you think hurts more a tattoo or piercing?

I’m just getting opinions and my choice would be a piercing. I had my chest tattooed and lip pierced in the same day and my lip piercing hurts sooo bad (it’s been like 3 days). As far as my chest goes I had them tattooed skimming the line of my collar bone and getting that [...]

Does piercing your ear with a needle reduce the risks for keloids compared to a gun?

I want to pierce my earlobe and I have some keloids on my chest. I heard though that piercing your ear with a needle is less risky as it won’t develop into a keloid. Is that true?