Nose piercing? How common is it to get a red bump on the side of the piercing?

I had a nose piercing about a month ago, 2 wks after i developed a red sore next to it. I did the sea-salt water soakings twice a day, and wa-la! Rudolof! Any suggestions on what to do and why did this happen?

How do I take care of a piercing on a 5 day backpacking trip?

I am embarking on a 5 day backpacking trip and I recently got my cartilage pierced of my ear… The piercing is only a week old and I am scared of an infection. Any suggestions?

Should i get my bellybutton pierced? What do you think about bellybutton piercing?

I am 14 years old and would like my bellybutton pierced, the only thing i would need to get past is the permission of my mother but are there certain sports you cant do after your bellybutton is pierced. I horseride and occasionaly trampoline in the garden. I would also like to know your views [...]

How should a Monroe piercing look after 3 weeks of having it done?

I got a Monroe piercing about 3 weeks ago. It still a little swollen and red.But my main concern is that right under the ball of the jewelry the skin is swollen, red and it is white,no puss is coming out its just water once in a while.Im cleaning it and still doing the salt [...]

What other ear piercing would go well with my tragus piercing?

I recently had my tragus pierced and i’m already craving another piercing. I want to know what would go well with my tragus!

How do I know when a cartilage piercing is healed?

I would like to know how tell when a cartilage piercing is done healing. I have tried to find out how long it takes and there is seems to be a wide variety of answers in the amount of time it takes, so I would just like know how to tell when mine is done [...]

What piercing would look better on a guy ?

i am planning on getting either an Eyebrow piercing or Tongue piercing. What looks more attractive & what is more worth it ?

How can I get my belly button piercing to close?

I had it pierced 4 years ago and only kept it in for 1 year. I’ve had it out now for about 3 years and the hole is still there. I can’t put a piercing through the hole but it isn’t closing any more. I am not looking to get surgery, I just want to [...]

How should i persuade my parents for a piercing?

I’m wanting my belly pierced, but my parents won’t let me, because they think it’s disgusting, but they said i could have my ears pierced. So i’m gonna go get my lobes pierced and another piercing above the lobe one. But i am still wanting to have my belly pierced. How could i persuade my [...]

What is the gauge of a cartilage piercing?

I lost my captive bead ring, but it’s been so long from when I got my cartilage pierced that I forgot the general gauge size for the piercing. Anyone know? Thanks very much. Just a note– regular stud earrings fit fine in the piercing, and they’re just about the right size. Helpful detail?