Genital Piercings

Where in MA can you get a tattoo at 16?

MA (Massachusetts) is a commonwealth and the age changes by town/city. Where in MA is it 16 with/without parental consent

I want to get a penis piercing does it feel good for the girl?

Im not asking what the risks are or if i should get it done, i just purely want to know will it feel good for the girl and why? thanks this is the kind i would get done: thanks alot

How much pain is involved in genital piercings ?

what kind of piercing to get next?

i have my vertical hood piercing, my nipples, my belly and what else can i get that only my partner would get to see also that we would enjoy? i cant get my tongue pierced because of work

how safe is a receiving a hand job from a stranger?

is it possible to catch any sort of diseases like herpes/ STD, HIV through a hand job? would a covered hand job with condom make it foolproof

What is the rudest thing you’ve ever been witness to or heard of?

I saw a show about a mother who decided to keep her child as a hermaphrodite and opted out of having a surgery that would decide the gender for her child. The doctor ridiculed her for it, insisted that it must be done, but she refused to give in. Then, during an unrelated surgery, that [...]

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in california.?

What rules do you have for how your kids dress?

Including piercings, tattoos, hair, makeup, etc.

is it dangerous to have a body tattoo & piericing on your private area?

i was wondering that all because my crazy friend got her done. .

How is female circumcision possible?

You can’t “circumcise” a female. Clitorises don’t have foreskins. You can only cut the entire thing off and possibly ruin her life.