Genital Piercings

Genital Piercings?

This is a question for people who have or have had vaginal piercings in the past: Does it improve orgasms? I hear it does highten the sensation, allthough I pretty much can’t imagion it getting any better! And dosen’t the piercing really really hurt? I’m just wondering weather to go for it or not. Thanks!!

Laddies your thoughts please?

back in febuary I got a prince albert piercing which if ur not familiar is a genital piercing.I really enjoyed having it done and love it but I am curious as to what some of the laddies think about it? After ppl heard that I had it done they both men and women where curious [...]

going to meps for physical?

and my recruiter told me I need to take out my piercings (I have my tongue, lip, belly button, and clitoral hood…I also got my dermal cut out today). He said I can put them back in after the physical. I’m wondering if I can leave my clitoral hood piercing in. I’m really worried I [...]

Is it possible to have multiple piercings in the clitoral hood?

I have my hood pierced vertically and I’ve been considering another genital piercing but that’s just about the only one I’m built for that I’m brave enough to do. So my questions is could I have it pierced again and have multiple barbells in my CH? I know it’s not a huge area but I’m [...]

Genital piercings…why get them?

I mean, what’s the purpose or reason…it’s not like people see them (the piercing) other than during intimate times.

Female piercing question?

Im a female and Im just wondering ok…………………….Females did anyone pierce their u know (around the genitalia lol) do u feel a difference in sex or does it make u squirt more or what happening tell me lol

Can overweight/obese ppl get belly button rings?

and genital piercing? my friend and I want to get pierced, but she is overweight and I am quite small. We want belly button rings AND to get our vagina’s pierced ( I am going for hood, she is going for outer vulva). Because she is heavy, her legs meet at the crotch. She wants [...]

What are some good hidden piercings?

I am guy 7 ear piercings and my tongue web pierced. I really enjoy getting new piercings, but my girlfriend doesn’t want me to get anymore. I’ve tried to reason with her, but she just gets really upset and irate. I want another piercing, something that is hidden so she won’t know I got it. [...]

Is there any way to get over my fear of needles?

I am really scared of needles. I have some ear piercings and I used to have my nose pierced. I have tattoos as well but theres this one piercing I am trying to get (the person I am dating can do it for me) but I keep wimping out. We have tried numbing the area. [...]

guys: turn ON or OFF?

female genital piercing.