Genital Piercings

hey i wantd to knw my friend has an STD he has genital herpes but he wants to get a tongue ring is tat bad?

wat would happen if he got a tongue ring n had genital herpes does or can tat affect the tongue ring??

Does getting my vagina pierced hurt?

I was thinking of getting it pierced but I don’t want it to hurt to much. Also does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

Does the prince Albert peircing hurt?

I’m thinking about getting my penis pierced sometime because I hear it enhances pleasure for women. Does it hurt? And how long cant I have sex?

I have a prince albert piercing, I love it. Best thing I ever did. Now I want a pubic piercing.?

Do women really like a pubic piercing? Does it make sex more pleasurable? Does it hurt? The PA did not

What piercings are appropriate for a twelve year old girl?

Hello, I’m new to Yahoo. My name is Nicola and I am twelve years old. Since I was eleven, I have always been enthusiastic about body piercings, to stand out. I have researched piercings more recently as I have had a stronger urge to get just a beginner piercing (nostril etc…) and I have read [...]

Do you prefer a male or female piercer? ?

When you got pierced did you ask for a male or female piercer? Do you have a preference? For those with genital piercings who did your work? Being in a studio I have many people ask for the opposite sex when doing piercings below the belt.Being a guy I preferred a female.Not all but most [...]

how many piercings can you name?

name as many piercings as you can. please refrain from the genital piercings, please! (= lets see who can do the best. if you wanna win me over you can even include a pic of each piercing! have fun!

Piercings: cool ideas, risks of doing it by myself?

Well there is no way, absolutely none, that my father wud let me get a piercing. I wana be able to do one myself or something. I want soemthing thats not on my face but does not include belly button, nipples, ears, or genitals =O i want sumthing discrete so i can just have the [...]

Crazy friends having themselves pierced down there?

I have a couple of friends and they are really crazy. They are both around 30 years old and they asked this young man (18-20 years old) to have their labia pierced. He is doing piercing and stuff but never did one down there. So he did some research and ask them to come just [...]

how to pierce your tongue at home?

Ok, so before everyone screams at me I already have the tools so I WILL do it anyway. I just would rather have more input on exactly where I should put it. Do it matter if I pierce the part before the web or can I pierce behind that? Also anyone who thinks you can [...]