Genital Piercings

Why do girls and guys decide to pierce their genitalia and how do they do it?

im so curious about how this works. lk whats the point?

Why do some people pierce their genitals?

I mean, I spend the greater part of my day keeping sharp objects AWAY from my genitals. Why would someone want more holes down there?

my mother doesn’t want me to get a piercing but it’s not illegal. should i do it anyway?

i’m 15 and i live in australia mum is against piercing of any sort but there is no ‘you can get what you want when your 18″ because i can get it now if i wanted to it isn’t illegal to get piercings under the age of 18 in australia [this excludes genital and nipple [...]

Why do women pierce their genitals and nipples?

It seems like such a horrible thing to do. Is it for shock value?

what is your opinion?piercing question.?

do you have piercing on your genital? what is your idea about that?

What state will pierce your tongue over the age of 12 w/ parental consent?

Can I get a list of at least 1 or more states? Any piercing (besides genitals) for that matter? I sure am getting some pretty sh*tty answers. =) All I’ve found is west virginia. lawl im not twelve its for my cousin and i said ”OVER THE AGE” if you couldn’t tell.

Girls: Does it hurt to get your genitals pierced?

would it complicate sex or get in the way or make it better. thanks. I was thinking of getting a clitoris or clitoral hood or labia piercing so if any of you have ever had that I’d like to hear from you. Thanks.

any idea what piercings i can get that i can hide?

i dont care if they hurt i just want more piercings. i already have my tongue pierced once, my belly button pierced four times, my ears pierced ten times, my lip, and my nose. i was thinking nipples and i am getting a genital piercing this weekend. thank you

So, do barbells trip metal detectors?

I’ve got a frenum genital piercing and a 14g barbell (same size as a tongue piercing) and I was wondering if it would make the metal detectors at the airport go off….it would be awfully embarrassing to have to take it out in front of security. I think it might be surgical steel.

I want to get a piercing, any ideas?

I already have two piercings in my ears (I don’t want any more) and my belly button pierced once. I want to get another piercing, but I’m not sure what to get. I’m not keen on lip or eyebrow piercings, and I hate my nose and don’t want to draw attention to it. Nipples and [...]