Genital Piercings

Sexy time with your time!?

The title sounds wrong, but so my question. I’m a 19y/o female, modest and poised. Should I get a piercing in my genital region or a tattoo above my crack. Yes, i’m serious, and no I’m not a troll. Thank you so much for all of the answers, I still haven’t picked best answer. Anyway, [...]

pierced on genitals?

Hi i was thinking about getting pierced on my penis or just above it. Have any of you M/F got this done and does it hurt much. Thanks

painful piercings?

what is the most painfull piercing… not including genital piercings? what about nipples or lips ???

Do women like male genital piercings? I would like answers from those with experience, and those without.?

I recently had my penis pierced (on a whim) and can laugh about it afterward. I’ve had mixed reactions to it – and I don’t know which reaction is genuine. I would love to know what women think (since this is anonymous). Those of you that have experienced this – your thoughts? Those of you [...]

Survey. which one would you perfer?

1) milk or water? 2) cheese or ham? 3) yogurt or ice cream? 4) coffee or hot chocolate? 5) tongue piercing or lip piercing? 6) nipple piercing or genital piercings? 7) thick or skinny? alive or dead? 9) insects or animals? 10) run or walk? 11) spaceship or airplane? 12) aliens or stuffed animals? 13) [...]

Why did you pierce your genitals?

what do you think about ???

guys do you like when girls get their genitals pierced?

Female Genital Piercings?!?

I really want to get my clit pierced but im sooo scared of the pain. . .I already have 10 piercings (including tongue, nipple, tragus, conch, lip). Can anyone give me any advice and possibly how much pain compared to my other piercings.

genital piericing?

i was wondering if I were to pierce the piece of skin that connects the penis and scrotum the area where you can stretch the scrotum and still touch the penis I was wondering if there was a nerve or blood vessel that might get damaged.


does anyone have their genitals done?? if you do which ones and your experience maybe?