Genital Piercings

What would u rather get if it was a life and death situation?

a tattoo on your forhead or pierce you genitals..hahahah both r bad

What DO YOU THINK About Someone………?

who has their genitals pierced?? i mean, how freaking whacked out do you have to be?

Body piercings and metal detectors (airport Security)?

I know that now airport security is tighter now with X-Ray metal detectors in some places. I was curious..what happens when a male/female get beeped in an airport metal detector ?? Does the airport security ask you to take it off ?? But that would be painful.Ok what if a male/female had a piercing in [...]

Is it gay for a girl to go a a website like this and see body piercings like this?

what’s with genital piercings?

i don’t find it cool. and what’s point in having a private part pierced when nobody would see it anyway? THE PAIN AND EVERYTHING AIN’T WORTH IT.

Why do people choose to pierce their body (other than a hole in each ear lobe)?

Are they mentally ill? Masochists? I am just trying to understand why someone would want to hurt themselves like that. For the ear lobes I understand, plus it’s super fleshy and it doesn’t hurt, for the rest: lip, eyebrows, ear cartilage, belly button, genitals, tongue, nose I don’t understand other than if someone is mentally [...]

Where are some concealable piercings?

I am getting myself a piercing for my 16th birthday. But here’s the catch, my parents cannot know about it. Period. The place offers it in certain places at 16. However the do not give people under the age of 18, genital, nipple tongue, surface or microdermal piercings. (Shitty, I know) Any ideas on what [...]

Which would you rather?

having both of your nipples pierced permanently with solid rings or have your genitals pierced permanently with solid rings or have a corset piercing permanently in place with ribbon

genital piercings anyone?

i heard that gential piercings can make the area sooooo much more sensitive. i would think that the initial shock and pain would desensitize the area. a couple of people i know say that is not true that in fact its more sensitive. i have my navel pierced and it is defintily more sensitive, but [...]

Poll- whats your favort piercing or piercings on a guy?

choose your favorts Ear lobe ear lobe streached Cartledge ear other ear lip-single lip-snake bites nose- nostrole nose-spectrum eye brow tongue nipples genitals just wondering what today’s mind set is out of curosity and my bordum of this moment