Genital Piercings

A question about piercings?

Ladies, do you like guys that have their genitals pierced, and if so which piercing? And Guys, have you ever had a Prince Albert, and how did it effect the way your penis functioned (urination, ejaculation, etc.)?

Do you find pierced genitals hot?

Piercings: How long to leave EMLA Numbing gel on?

I’ve had several [piercings before but have now heard about Emla and would like to give it a try. For belly button and nipple piercings, how long should it ideally be left on? I’m rather confused because on the emla website (it doesn’t mention piercings but) it says people with leg blisters should leave it [...]

Body Piercings?

I’m a 17 year old girl and my mom’s taking me to get a piercing this Saturday. I already have my nose pierced and I can’t get a tongue piercing( I already have a bad lisp) Do you have any suggestions on what piercing to get; any advice on pain or healing? I’d really like [...]

What is your opinion on….?

Genital piercings. I know the question seems wierd but I have a huge interest in them and think their a great thing to get considering the extra sensations and pleasure you’ll receive from it. I’m just wondering what other people think about them Would you ever get your genitals pierced?

Is it really better sex and orgasm easier after we women have our genitals pierced and if so which ones are th

Can an American citizen get pierced in Canada at age 16?

Well I understand how you have to be 16 in Canada to get piercied without parent permission, but if I go to Canada at age 16 for vacation and use my American drivers license as identification can I still get a Piercing w/o parental consent? (and anyone who’s gonna say “you should let your parents [...]

Genitals piercings?? What is going on??

He had his genitals pierced and has not touched me in a year. What the crap is going on ???

How do I know if I’ll get herpes?

My friend has genital herpes and she does her own piercings. She just bought a new needle to pierce her nipples and then a week later I had her pierce my bellybutton with the same needle. She sterilized it with alcohol and boiled it in water, she also said none of the 100 people she’s [...]

I’m thinking about getting my collar bone pierced..?

I figured my parents would hate if I pierced my eyebrow, nose, septum, lip or whatever is on my face due to religion based beliefs, so I was thinking hard about where else I could get a piercing. Ears are boring, I’m not thin enough to get my belly button or hips done nor am [...]