Oral Piercings

can you wear a spiral barbell in your tongue piercing?

i saw a picture of someone wearing a spiral barbell in their tongue piercing and i really liked it is there a spiral tongue ring? if so do you know where i can buy it? and heres a picture of what i think the bar would look like: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/5720/twisterbarbellwithepoxy.jpg

Clear fluid coming out of lip piercing?

I got my lip pierced yesterday, and today I noticed clear fluid coming out of it, it’s not spit or puss… I was just wondering if this was part of the healing processes?

What are your opinions on facial piercings ?

I hate it when people look at mine with a look of disgust on their face or their expressions twist like they’re imagining they hurt or something IKR XD

should my nipples be excreting this fluid?

I got my nipples pierced about 10 months ago and i have changed out the rings that are in it about 3 or 4 months ago and lately, they have been prone to bleeding and/or emitting a pus-like fluid where the holes are. is this normal? what is it?

what does a tongue ring on a female do for a man?

I don’t understand the pleasure they would get out of it on their penis.. How do I use it on him??

which is more painful industrial or tongue?

im 15 and i got my industrial done for my birthday and it didn’t hurt at first but the swelling and sleeping on it hurt for about a week or two. i want to get my tongue pierced. im pretty good with handling pain i have my ears pierced three times on the bottoms of [...]

On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a lip ring piercing hurt ?

I’m 13 and in about a month when I turn 14 I want to get a lip ring piercing ! I want one really bed but I wanna know how much it hurts and how hard it is to take care of ! I have kinda a low pain tolerance, but like medium ? I [...]

Will this piercing heal after having it for a year?

My sister has had a Monroe for about a year now and wants to take it out, but she’s afraid that the hole won’t heal up over the summer before she goes back to school. But she has like 4 months or so. So ppl with experience please help!!

How poisonous are Philodendrons to cats? How much would have to be eaten to be fatal? Signs and symptoms?

Why do guys like girls with tongue rings so much ?

I got my tongue peirced almost a week ago and I love it , but I got it for decoration . Guys ask me about it all the time , I just don’t understand the facination . Does it make girls more attractive , or do guys like it because it makes the girl look [...]