Oral Piercings

A negative HIV result 2 months after a risky act, reliable enough?

Few months back, I got close with a casual contact. We didnt have sex, we didn’t even have any mouth to mouth kissing and no oral sex too. I kissed her on her skin and hugged her. She had a nice navel and so i put my fingers inside them. BUT, she had a piercing [...]

For 1 million dollars would you…?

Just copy and paste and put yes next to it if you would do it for 1 million dollars or no if you wouldn’t do it for 1 million dollars. -Lick a public toilet bowl seat until its clean -Go to your school/place of work completely naked for the whole day -Have sex with Rosie [...]

uh oh sore throat? serious answers only?

This is going to sound really gross…but im starting to get a bit nervous because my guy friend perfomed oral on me on saturday and on monday i seen him he said he wasnt feeling too good throat was sore head hurt even though on sat i kinda remember him sneezing or saying something about [...]

Is it bad to be in the GLBT community but be against gay men giving blood?

My reasoning for this? See..I’m a medical laboratory scientist (the people who work in the hospital lab analyzing all your specimens to give you your results). So part of that includes working in blood banks. Now, I’m a transman, and pansexual, but I agree with the ban on gay men giving blood. I understand *everyone* [...]

horizontal lip or double inverse labrets?

im in love with the horizontal lower lip piercing but worried that it will reject, is it for certain it will reject at some point? Also worried about being able to perform oral sex on a man after its healed, that i might knock it, damage it ect.. So i thought of having two inverse [...]

I think my sister is crazy.. and I’m being harassed.?

My sister is 15, and I’m 16.. and she’s a lot like my mother. Conceded, violent, pitiful, criminal like, along with a million other horrible qualities. She’s steals from me, and she hoards things. Not just steals stuff even worth stealing either, for example: steals all my underwear, razors, deodorant, perfume, make up, clothes, socks, [...]

tongue ring falling into the hole Help!!?

I got a tongue ring 1 week ago. I have great oral hygiene, cleaning mouth regularly and it has been healing fine. The swelling is gone so I changed to the smaller barbell. I only wore it for about 5 hours today, then I noticed that it was actually set INTO my piercing hole. You [...]

How do I get past my fear of seeing the dentist?

I haven’t been to a dentist since I was 17, so it’s been three years. I haven’t had the insurance until recently. I do badly need to see one, but I am afraid to. I am pretty sure one of my teeth has a bad cavity, as it has been pretty sore. I also think [...]

Im getting my Prince Albert tomorrow [Warning: EXPLICIT]?

Warning, im very EXPLICIT in this question! Let me just say im gay first off so theres no confusion. And the guy im with sais that im very big, and other guys said so too. Not really in length, im average, but they say width. Tomorrow im getting my Prince Albert. For those who dont [...]

Scared I may have HIV, but I’m a worry-wart?

Alright so I’ll break down my reason for fear of having HIV in point form… – August 5, 2009 I went out to a nightclub and ended up having protected sex with a woman who was 5 years older than me. I am 21. This was my first time ever doing this with a random [...]