Oral Piercings

Is This Normal For A Tounge Piercing To Be Doing?

I Just Got My Tounge Pierced On Firday And It Been 3 Days Now. Today When I Woke Up There Was A Redish Bownish Blob Coming Out Of The Hole. Is That Normal To Happen, Or Is It A Sign That Its Infected? Please Help! =)

Do tongue piercings really make oral sex that much better?

I do not have a tongue piercing now have I been on the receiving end of someone who has. Is it really that much better or is it a myth? nor have I*

How safe is a tongue piercing?

I need to know… lol…

Oral Piercing Corrosion?

I’ve been looking into getting an oral piercing, (whatever, they’re gross, unsanitary, blahblah). I have a metal filling in my mouth. If I get an oral piercing, I would have two dissimilar metals in an electrolyte solution (saliva.) Am I correct in believing that, since steel is pretty stable, my tooth filling would be corroded? [...]

what does it mean if you give a guy oral and he cums?

Well im a freshman and I gave this senior i like head on friday and he cumed in my mouth..I was wondering if guys cum when they are happy or what? Im a little confused.Does it mean you did a good job if a guy cumed?

Just got tongue piercing. Anyone have good aftercare suggestions?

I got my tongue pierced about an hour or 2 ago and I wanted to know of any things that can help with the healing. Also I would love some tips to help with it. Thanks a lot

Where to get my lip pierced?

I want to get my lip pierced but everywhere I looked you have to be 16 with your parents signature no younger and I am 14 and my parents will be with me does anyone know where I can get my lip pierced in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Or can someone tell me what I need, where [...]

How to make a salt solution?

I want to do salt water soaks for my fresh industrial. How much salt do I mix with how much water? and should i apply with paper towel or hold my ear in and let it soak?

Can an x-ray see a hole in your tongue?

I getting my tongue pierced on tuesday and then I have to go to a dentist appointment to take of my braces on the 22nd. MY parent don’t know. I know they are going to take x-ray pictures. I am going to take out the bar and leave it for 10 miuntes it isn’t gonna [...]

Why do some gals and guys pierce their tongue?

I get the impression they’re gays and lesbians