Oral Piercings

My parents won’t let me get my tongue pierced because they think it’s trashy?

I really want my tongue pierced but as my dad says ” Girls only want it to give men oral sex” and that’s certainly not the case. i just think it looks cute, is there any way i can convince them that i don’t want it becasue of that?

Straight girls with lip rings, i need your opinions?

I’m planning on getting my lip pierced again, and I was wondering about your experiences with kissing and oral. When I first had my lip pierced, I didn’t have a boyfriend. But now I do and I was wondering if it gets in the way or if it gets uncomfortable for either person. I don’t [...]

MATURE: Sex and piercings?

Hi! I know this question might seem awkward and silly, but I wanted to ask other people what they thought. I’m writing a sex scene (I know, perverted, but it happens in my story) and was wondering if someone could describe, or tell me their experience with kissing someone with a tongue piercing. Have you [...]

Five Day Old Monroe Problem?

I got my Monroe piercing done Sunday It has been doing really well Yesterday I felt a bit of pain on the inside of my lip I flipped it up to see if I was bleeding or something I noticed that the flat metal backing of the piercing was kind of digging a hole or [...]

Scared that i stepped on a needle?

About 12 weeks ago, i was leaving the cemetery. I stepped on something sharp that pierced my skin and I started bleeding. Not really sure what i stepped on. What are the chances of contracting HIV? I’m getting over a cold and was just diagnosed with oral thrush. I’m Freaking out. Someone Help.

Why are lower back tattoos considered tramp stamps?

Who made that up? Just like if you pierce the wrong ear or wrong side of the nose you’re gay, if you like rainbow colors your gay, if you get your tongue pierced you like oral. Gosh what else? Really in all honesty why do people think of those things that way? I have a [...]

how do i use/move my tongue ring when giving my boyfriend head?

I’ve had my tongue pierced for about a year..i’ve also been dating my boyfriend for about a year, but surpringly our relationship has moved very slow and i want to know how to use my piercing to enhance my ‘skills’, if you will. not to sound concieted or slutty, but i know i could perform [...]

Tongue Piercings and the dentist/orthodontist?

I want to get my tongue pierced but I have braces. Would this be a problem? I’m also having oral surgery in February. In the future, do I have to do anything special with it before/during dentist appointments? Should I wait to get it done until my surgery is over and my braces or off? [...]

did i wait a good enough time to be tested ?

well i had protected sex (used a condum) but i did oral not using it…plus i had took out my piercing in my mouth.he did;t ejaculate in my mouth or anything.but anyways it had sept 1 or like late augast and i got tested feb 3 so did i wait a good time to get [...]

i got my tongue pierced thursday but it’s got yellow on top?

Ok i got my tongue Professionally pierced on Thursday, everything is fine except the top of my tongue where my taste buds are has gone yellow, is this common and how do i get rid of this? it looks like i haven’t had any oral hygeine for 2 years lol.