Oral Piercings

what will happenn if u get a tongue ring?

i got a tongue ring 5 days ago and i want to know when can i change it? and when will it heals? and what is the fast way? i what to know every thing.

Planning on getting nipple piercings and need advice.?

Im supposed to be getting my nipples pierced soon but i have a few concerns…. Is it ok to use oils of any kind to help lubricate the piercing? Is there anything I can use to temporarily protect my piercing from pool water? (Im a lifeguard, but i RARELY have to do saves) Should I [...]

if you use orajel after getting your tongue pierced will the swelling go down?

I want to get my tongue pierced, I’m not afraid of the pain or anything, It’s just I don’t want my tongue to swell up because I want to be able to hide it. I know if you use it before the piercer will not let you get it pierced. Will you be able to [...]

Lip piercing question

Hello, I recently got the middle of my lip pierced. I have been looking after it as I have been told too ( Antibacterial mouthwash, ibuprofen and these alcohol wipes for the outside of the piercing) But there is one thing I have noticed. I have no swelling of the lip yet which is great, [...]

question about my tongue ring…?

ok well i got my tongue pierced a month ago. it’s all healed and everything’s good. since then i have performed oral sex and my boyfriend said it didn’t feel any different-we were both expecting it to feel different. i mean it’s not a huge problem for me as i was good before, but he’s [...]

What do I say my comment? please help me. thank a lot!?

I would like to share this to y’all about my up and down experience since being born in this planet. Forgive me for my english grammar. ( I’m sick right now, I can’t get my mind straight ) I was born in Northridge Hospital as a premature baby. I guess mom fell down while mopped [...]

Feedback on a excerpt from a memoir I am writing please?

Lately I’ve just been writing out different events from the past year… I’m a Junior in high school and it’s been a weird one… Just wondering if anyone was willing to read one. There are a lot but I’m more confused as to how to work with this (c) 1. (there was a drug bust [...]

Would changing my lip stud to a latex stud effect my boyfriend?

I got my philtrum (medusa/top lip) pierced recently, and it’s almost time to get a new stud. My mom is petitioning a latex bar, and I was totally cool with that until I remembered that my boyfriend is allergic to latex. If I were to get this latex bar, would it be the end of [...]

have you done this?(survey)?

just copy and paste the questions and put an X next to the ones you’ve done 1. boy or girl? 2. age? [ ] slept during class [ ] skipped class [ ] skipped school [ ] cheated on a test [ ] copied someones work [ ] stolen from someone [ ] gotten below [...]

all fluent french speakers i need your help?

ok so i have to do a 30 second presentation on a family member and its for my french oral which is 2morrow and i need to memorise it by then …. so basic info … i going to talk about my dad and hes passed away so it will be in the passed tense [...]