Oral Piercings

Whats wrong with my Monroe Piercing?

I’ve had my monroe pierced for 4 or 5 months. A couple weeks ago a bubble that is a bit bigger than the flat post (on the inside of the mouth) has formed. The weird thing is that it doesn’t hurt. I put the post back in from when I first got it pierced so [...]

Does having a clit piercing make it easier to orgasm?

I’ve been reading a lot about getting the clitoral hood pierced, and a lot of people say that it makes it easier for them to orgasm (some say it makes no difference). My question is if it will make it easier to orgasm for a person who does not orgasm during sex and only can [...]

Lip piercing aftercare questions…?

I got my lip pierced yesterday, and the last thing I want is for it to get infected. Right now I’m: Using special mouthwash once in the morning and once at night Disinfecting the outside with a special product once a night And rinsing my mouth out with saltwater after every meal And then of [...]

What is this hard lump inside my tongue around my piercing??

I have had my tongue pierced for about 3 1/2 years. Just recently I got this hard lump that formed around my piercing similar to that of when I first got it pierced (but it eventually went away). I’ve been washing with salt water thinking it might just be a minor infection (a piece of [...]

Lip piercing reassurance & questions?

I had my lip pierced on Tuesday (13/1/2009) and I just wanted some reassurance that I’m doing the right maintenance as I really want to prevent any infection and further problems. As of now, I’m rinsing it for 1-2 minutes every 2-4 hours with saline solution, swabbing around the outside with saline to remove any [...]

Lip piercing Aftercare!?

I got my lip pierced 6 days ago….! It did not swell or bruise or even hurt… i had no pain at all… I avoided smoking and eating for 3 hours and from there on just followed normal oral hygiene (brushing and flossing twice a day) aswell as cleaning it 3 times a day with [...]

My cartilage piercing is really swollen + painful?

I got my cartilage pierced almost 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I just sprayed it with H2ocean spray twice a day, and it seemed to have been healing up fine. I was actually surprised at how fast it healed. Within like 2 weeks it wasn’t swelling or pussing or giving me any “crusties” anymore, [...]

Guys Oral Sex with a tongue ring? Opinions Please!!?

So i’ve had my tongue pierced for awhile and i was wondering if it really makes a difference during oral sex for men? how bout a vibrating one? i have a vibrating one on order but i haven’t gotten to try it out yet so was just wondering if it was better or not for [...]

Too many piercings for my age?

im 15 an i hav 3 facial piercings, 1 oral piercing an my ears pierced, im also gettin my lip done again for my b’day in 14 days , ive been told ive got too many for my age, an i shouldnt get any more x wat dya think lol too many? should i stop [...]

Weird personal Piercing Question….?

Okay so i got my labret pierced a few hours ago, my husband is coming home on R&R tomorrow from Afghanistan. I just realized the piercer didnt say anything about how long to wait to kiss or have oral sex. I dont want to be nasty or anything, but how long untill i can do [...]