Oral Piercings

Is Tounge Pierced Really Better During . . .?

oral sex ? Just out of curiosity because I have read it is really bad for your teeth, and tounge

colonial american literature?

Native Americans preserved and passed on their stories primarily by A) writing them down in books B) creating stage plays C) oral storytelling and drawings D) painting elaborate and sophisticated pictures Question 2 (1 point)Save As a preacher, Edwards uses his sermon to a) frighten his congregation into seizing the opportunity of salvation. b) rouse [...]

How much will it cost to fix my teeth?

On my upper left side, my incisor came in late. However, there was no space between my central incisor and my left premolar – so the incisor came in sharp and abnormally above my gums and projects slightly forward. So if I press against my upper lip, I can feel the point of the tooth [...]

Wisdom teeth questions?

I am 15, and I do not have my wisdom teeth yet. I have perfect tooth and oral health. One of my friends has already had hers cut out and another’s are growing in (they are 15, too). My boyfriend is 17 and still hasn’t grown his in. I know you get them in your [...]

Feedback on an excerpt from a book I’m writing please? (Explicit)?

1. (there was a drug bust at my school… this is true. dont ask me how haha) I was sitting in Odyssey, day dreaming about Beezoo, when the principle, Mr. Anderson, suddenly came on the announcements. Every time he came on the announcements, it was bad news; ‘Who left a dead raccoon in the boys [...]

Im 14 and go to ALOT of raves..but why do my parents alway tell me not to touch or let guys touch me?

like thats the point of a rave, is to go dance with people. guys and girls. i went to caffeine lastnite and this guy that has d “scene” spikey hair, we madeout nd isat in his lap and he gave me a hickey on my boobs and biting my lipp. my parents would be SOO [...]

Why do you insist on answering questions you really know nothing about?

I’ve seen sooo many people say things like: -”You could get paralyzed if they pierce it wrong!” -”You’ll regret that for sure!” -”Tattoos give you ink poisoning.” -”You can’t get an epideral if you have a lower back tattoo.” -”Oral piercings get infected really easily.” Why do you insist on answering questions with old wives’ [...]

What the heck is going on?

I got my tongue pierced as a christmas presentabout 5 days ago. The swelling went down a bit and it doesnt really hurt as much as it did, but i had an oral scab for about 3 days and chunks of it started to fall off now i have barly any of it left, and [...]

Is my tongue infected? Should i go to the doctor for a check up?

I got my tongue pierced about 3days ago and for the last 2 nights its bled. The first time i woke up in the morning to brush and rinse out my mouth. When i spat the out it came out a brownish color so i quickly looked at my tongue and it was bleeding at [...]

My hubby got his tongue pierced. When is it safe for him to uh… use it on me?

sorry, not trying to be gross, just really wanna know. its healed really well so far, no more tenderness, swelling or pain, but should we wait longer beofre he tries oral s** on me?