Oral Piercings

Where can I find oral piercing damage pics?

I’m doing a project for my dental class. I’m focusing on oral piercings and I was wondering if anyone knew a site which had some pictures. I’m looking for pictures that show aftermath, such as chipped teeth and all that fun stuff. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

How do you know when your oral piercing is healed?

I got a monroe & I just want to know how to know if its healed…I guess lip piercings or labret piercings are pretty much the same.

Does a tongue piercing make oral better?

I’ve heard that having a tongue piercing makes oral sex better, is that true, in your experience? Don’t respond if you don’t have any experience with it.

Is it safe to put cocaine in your mouth before getting an oral piercing?

When I mean safe, I mean safe for the piercing. It will numb the mouth completely, but would it cause an infection to the new piercing? Please no lectures. Go tell your lawyer how bad it is and to not do it.