Oral Piercings

Hey, question for guys…?

Would oral sex hurt my boyfriend if i have braces? my friend said i shouldnt do it, but do you think itd be ok? i have my tongue pierced so maybe that would make it better…?

Survey: Tongue piercings – Why did you pierce your tongue?

Is it for the reason many are led to believe re: oral sex, or is it a statement, or a fashion statement, or a sign of rebellion? Or any other reason…. please state. Thanks for your answers.

Guys… What does it mean when you won’t kiss a girl, you don’t really set the tone for her to go down on you

even though she will, and have her tongue pierced, but you will go down on her, and you taste her when ever you can even if you stick your finger there and suck your own finger. A women would think #1 why wont you kiss me, and #2 why don’t you set the tone for [...]

piercings…sea salt on my ears? ASAP?

ok, i just pierced my ear about a week ago(double on top), i know u use sea salt 4 oral piercings, but can i use it on my ears instead of the antiseptic stuff Ive been using from walmart? sorry…im kinda dumb Thank You

hi piercings on a guy?

hi im 18 year old STRAIGHT guy, and i have my tongue pierced. i like it and think its wat ever. i heard girls like it for oral, but i wanna no every1′s opinon about guys w/ tongue rings oh btw i have a black barbelll, if that makes difference yeah im not trashy, im [...]

can anyone tell me about TONGUE PIERCINGS.. ?

so i just got my tongue pierced today & i was hoping someone could give me any information on after care (good mouthwashes, etc.) . right now its a little swollen and i can talk but its sore . is this normal? also.. my dad thinks i only got it done because of oral sex.. [...]

am i using to much listerine?

i got my tongue pierced and have been using listerine like 15 times a day since friday and i noticed my tongue had like little indents it and looked it up and it said to much listerine causes oral cancer and i was wondering if i would get it that quickly..

i just got my tongue pierced?

does that really make oral better for the guy?

How can I convince my mom to let me get my tounge pierced?

Hey:) I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m turning 15 feb.17th. For my bday I would really like my tounge pierced. I already have 8 piercings, 4 on my left ear, 3 on my right, and my nose once. None of my piercings ever got infected and I take very good care of them. [...]

need help talking my parents into letting me get my tongue pierced?

seriously. i’ve tried almost everything. my main excuse is: “i’m gonna be a freshman this year, and it’s hard enough being the lower classman, and i want to impress my friends without giving into the peer pressure of drinking, smoking, sex, and drugs. alot of my friends have piercings and it isn’t fair that i [...]