Surface Piercings

How much would my peircings cost?

Okay. So I wanted to get a few peircings against my boyfriend’s say (Lol. He thinks I look beautiful regardless, or so he says) and maybe even my Mother’s, but just in case she says yes I wanted to know how much I would need in advance. The piercings I want: Rook Triple Helix Ear [...]

If piercing guns are not safe for cartilage piercings, then why do Claire’s and piercing pagoda use them?

If they were really that dangerous then wouldn’t they have been banned for doing cartilage piercings with piercing guns? Also the piercing gun companies say don’t use it anywhere else but the earlobe. Why are claire’s and other places use it when its dangerous? I’m concerned because I wanna get mine done, but my friend [...]

How much does the VCH and Christina piercing hurt?

Thinking about getting both done but im a baby with pain plus ive been watching tooo many videos of people getting it done. Level of pain? Do you bleed? Are there any bad things about them? How is it after? Anything extra you think i should know?

best way to clean and look after vertical tragus (surface piercing)?

i have just had my vertical tragus surface piercing and omg its so awesome i love it! but just wondering the best way to look after it and keep it clean

How long does it usually take for a bully piercing to heal?

I’ve had mine done for 7 months but it’s still quite raw on the inside.

My tounge ring is very sore how do i clean it?

I’ve had my tounge pierced for 5 yrs now and this is the sorest its ever been. i don`t really think its infected but to prevent an infection what should i clean it with?

will a hip piercing reject if u put a tongue ring in it instead of a ring ur supposed to use fer hip piercings?

i heard that if u put a tongue ring in a hip piercing its inevitably going to reject because a tongue ring is straight. is that tru?

What facial piercings should I get?

I am getting snake bites (piercing on each side of the bottom lip) and I was going to get an eyebrow piercing, but I have been told I will look like a butch lesbian. Any ideas what I should get done? Not the septum though, I will get kicked out of my house if i [...]

What is the difference between a SURFACE hip piercing and a MICRODERMAL hip piercing?

My navel piercing has a white circle around it?

I got it done about 3 werks ago and it has a white circle around the piercing? Is it normal