Surface Piercings

nape piercing-anchors or surface?

which options would be the most probable to heal and not reject and also i heard with anchors if u want then out u have to get then sergically removed or cut out?

What is the legal microdermal piercing age in Georgia?

I want to get a hip piercing, and while researching learned about the high rejection rate of surface piercings. I also learned that microdermal piercings lower the rejection rate considerably. What I am wondering about is the legal age for microdermal piercings; I am sixteen years old and could have my parents sign off if [...]

how can i stop my belly buttom piercing from migrating?

I got it done over 4 months ago and it hasn’t healed yet and now i noticed the piercing is getting closer to the surface of my skin, which is migrating. I thought Migrating happened only for underage girls not for a 29 year old woman!!! is a certain migrating normal or do i have [...]

I have a dimple piercing question?

You know those cheek piercings? Are they surface piercings or are they like a labret stud? The place I go to does NOT pierce minors if it’s a surface piercing. *blows raspberry* I didn’t mean stud, I meant the piercing. yay!!! nowi have to convince my dad!

Taking out eyebrow piercing: Best way to let it close & heal w/o having a lump?

I’m taking out my eyebrow ring that I’ve had pierced for about 7 months. I just kinda don’t want it anymore because everyone else has them now -_- but what’s the best way to heal it without it scarring too noticeably? Also, when I run my finger over the surface of the piercing without the [...]

How bad is navel piercing pain compared with ear cartilage? How deep into the surface is a navel ring?

I just decided that I’d ask these questions before getting one done.I survived through two cartilage piercings with not much pair at all and I know that a navel piercing will hurt more.I don’t want it if it’s too deep into the surface.This is strange of me to say but the deeper in it is, [...]

Will an Anchor Piercing stay in?

I have always wanted an anchor piercing or surface piercing. and I was wondering if I could get anchor piercings about three inches apart all down my spine. I want to know if 1. it would be safe and 2. would they stay in or migrate out of my skin and 3. could they do [...]

i want an ORIGINAL piercing, sick of common ones, any ideas?

I was thinking of getting a surface piercing on my middle finger, with diamons balls on each end, yes i know they will reject after a while. Im not talking hip, nape, tongue web, cheek piercings, or any part of the ear, nose,lip, nipples etc, i just want something a lil different.any ideas ?? i [...]

What jewelry is best for a bridge piercing?

Like would a tongue ring kinda barbell be best? Like a straight barbell. Or would i need a surface bar or something? And maybe people with the piercing, could you just tell me some stuff about it? Thanks.

Puffy, pink scar tissue around the surface of my industrial piercing?

I got an industrial back in october and it didn’t have any scar tissue for a long time but eventually I bumped it, got caught on my shirt or what have you enough that it was damaged a little here and there and has developed some puffy pink scar tissue around the surface of the [...]