Surface Piercings

Can you get your naval re-pierced if theres a scar from a previous piercing?

I had my naval pierced about a year ago but the ring surfaced and I had to take it out… can I get it re-pierced?

How badly would all these piercings hurt?

I want a corset piercing so badly. I just find them damn sexy. Of course, I’d have to lose a few pounds to look good with it, but that’s easy, its just a few pounds. I have other body piercings, but they were relatively painless. I would imagine that these piercings would be very painful, [...]

How much scarring does an anti-eyebrow piercing leave after its been taken out?

I’m just really curious. I want to get it done but I don’t want a lot of scarring. I know there is more scarring if it rejects but if I were to take it out on my own terms I want to know how much scarring tere would be.

Why do they use a straight needle to pierce your belly button?

I’ve always wondered, because the jewelry is curved. So why is the needle straight?

Why is my friends hip piercing red?

I pierced my friend’s hip yesterday, and now it’s red and it hurts when she moves…. What’s going on with it?

Do you are someone you know have a piercing on or in their privates?

Ok, I am contemplating on getting a piercing somewhere down south, but I do not want it to be “just jewelry” I want it to be pleasure. Do you or do you know someone that has one and guys how many of you have a pierced “friend”… I personally had an encounter before with a [...]

If I do sit-ups every day after I get my bellybutton pierced, will it reject/seriously hurt?

I’m getting a bellybutton piercing Monday, and i’m pretty flat-stomached I guess, I just have a little bit of flab. If I do sit-ups ( and clean the piercing a lot, duh ) will it hurt REALLY bad, become really red, and/or reject?

Toung Web piercing or hip piercing?

Okaay so i have 6 ear piercings, one is a plug.i also have my belly pierced, so i was just wondering what hurts more a web toung piercing or a hips surface piercing? i plan on getting this doen by the way. thanks

What tattoo would look best in that spot?

I have 14 vaginal piercings that lace up to form a corset. 5 down each labia my hood, two forchets, and a surface piercing at the top. What tattoo would look best at the top of my corset?


tragus eye brow eye brow surface. lip rook industrial tongue belly button belly button multiple times. dermals beside your eyes. nose septum monroe chest surface piercings. hip piercings. double tongue piercings. vertical. double tongue piercings. horizontal. collar bone surface piercing. neck surface piercing. etc. if you can think of any other. I am interested. I [...]