Surface Piercings

I Want This Piercing But Have No Idea What It’s Called?

Its like a surface piercing inside your lower lip . I don’t know what it’s called , anyone know ?

Surface tongue piercing?

I got my top surface of my tongue pierced so it’s horizontal. Well It’s been a over a week and I’m not sure if it’s suppose to be crooked. At first we all thought that it was just swollen. so when it went down I went in the next day and he told me to [...]

Are surface piercing hot?

naval piercing surface rejection?

I got my belly button pierced 4 months ago and it was doing fine but recently it’s become red at the top of the piercing and it’s itchy and a bit pussy, just yellowish, but it doesn’t hurt. what should i do? is it being rejected or is it just a bit infected? the bar [...]

micodermal or surface hip piercing? which one would be better?

im in love with the look of the hip piercing.. but im torn which way to get it. Please be very detailed on each way so i can make up my mind. Thank you

Does anyone have tips on how to get a difficult disk off a surface piercing barbell?

My sternum piercing needs to be removed. It is rejecting and looks horrible because of that. It also hurts – a lot. I know 100% it isn’t infected, and that it is in fact rejecting. I tried removing it tonight and the disks on both ends will not budge. I used my fingers (clean) until [...]

Is it okay to wash my hair with a new ear piercing?

I just got a surface tragus piercing on saturday. & i wanna know if its okay to wash my hair b/c of the shampoo & stuff.

Need help with my Wrist Surface Piercing????

I got my wrist pierced 5 days ago, its starting to leak a watery substance and crusts, i need to know what to do with it? is it a bad thing or what….?

Her how old do you have to be to get an ankle surface piercing?

Either in the United Kingdom or in the USA, it doesn’t matter to me. And what do people mean by ‘the piercing being rejected’? Does it only reject if you try to change the bar AFTER getting it pierced, Or do they mean the first time you pierce it? Thanks in advance, x Sorry, don’t [...]

How can you reduce the chances of a sternum surface piercing rejecting?

I got it done last week, and its irritated. I drown it in Witch Hazel and Peroxide three times a day every day, and wear loose shirts. I’m terrified that it will reject because it’s really quite stunning… Does anyone know if the aerosol spray from Hot Topic that is supposed to help piercings heal [...]