Surface Piercings

im 13 and i went to get a surface tongue pericing?

and i went to get a lip one but idk watto get a surface tongue piercing or a lip pericin im gettin the one that is a sureface tongue piercing it have to 2 balls in top of ur tongue nd ppl say it better then the orginal tongue piericng

question about piercing?

im planning on getting a surface piercing & i wanted to know how to get it like i don’t want it to reject so do i get it with the punch & taper method or what? do i use plastic or titanium jewelry or plain steel? curved or straight bar ? im new to piercings [...]

Hip surface piercings?

I’m planing on getting my hips pierced and i heard that Microdermals are better…. but i dont know what they are? can someone tell explain to me what they are and how they look like and would they also work on rib piercing? and does any peircing parlor do this? how painful is it? and [...]

what are the risks of leaving body jewlery on during a surgery?

I have a dermal anchor in my chest and a surface piercing on my neck. I can’t take them out and I’m getting my tonsils removed, is it a very big risk?

What would happen if i repierced my keloid?

I have a keloid on my stomach from a surface piercing, i want to repierce the area of the keloid.What would happen if I do ? Would it become bigger or nothing will happen?

Horizontal lip piercing?

I want a new piercing, and I’ve decided on the horizontal labret piercing… or if I have to, a vertical labret. I’ve heard it’s a surface piercing? Do they usually reject? Where could I get a retainer for it?

what’s the name of this piercing?

It’s between your waist and above your leg area it’s a surface piercing plz help me find the name of it.

what type of piercing is this?

i was looking up tragus piercings and this picture came up and i really like it…bu i don think its tragus it looks more like a surface piercing….which one is it

Is my piercing rejecting?

I have a surface piercing and I know they have a reputation of rejection. One of the balls recently fell off and right when I noticed it was gone that side was swollen and red. It went down a little after putting ice on it, but even since I got it pierced there’s been a [...]

my collar bone piercing is bleeding?

i got a collar bone surface piercing done early today and now every time i lay down it bleeds a lot is this normal and what should i do about it?