Surface Piercings

how do i get my piercing to stop sinking?

I have a surface piercing above my vagina, i think its called the christina. ive had it for about 3 weeks now and the top ball is starting to sink into my skin digging a ball shaped hole what should i do?? i won’t be back in town to see my piercer for a couple [...]

Can I use a straight barbell for a sternum piercing?

Or does it have to be a surface piercing bar?

Surface piercing where to?

I found out from a local tattoo shop that surface piercings are illegal in Florida, so I need to find out which states do them legally.

sternum surface piercing rejecting?

i think mine is.. my cat stepped on it and right after that its been all red and looks bruised. is there any way to fix it so it heals and wont reject? such as soaked H20 saltwater on it multiple times a day, neosporin, peroxide.? will any of that help? thanks.

A blister has formed on my surface piercing (nape)?

Ive had my Nape (Back of my neck) pierced for a few months now, and ive noticed a big blood blister has formed between the two balls on it, i really dont want to take it out, What should i do? Ive been spraying some anti infection stuff on it since i realised the blister,

I’m thinking about getting a surface piercing?

between my boobs… like in my cleavage and i was wondering if anyone has had a problem with it before… i’m kinda nervous b/c my friend has had several surface piercings and her body rejected them now she has scars and i don’t really wanna scar in that area. comments? suggestion? and please don’t put [...]

which is better to get for hip piercings, the dermal piercing or the bar?

I’ve been thinking about getting my hips pierced for a while now but I’m not quite sure if I should get the dermal (anchors or surface piercing) or if I should get a regular bar like how they use for the belly button. Is there any difference between them? Besides the process because i have [...]

PTFE Surface piercing changes?

I have a collar-bone piercing, done with PTFE. I had it done about 2 months ago, and it is completely healed. I am going to get a staple for it asap but that won’t be for atleast a month or so. The PTFE in it is very long, so it ooks unsightly. If I take [...]

Is it possible to get your hips pierced without it being considered a surface piercing ?

I want my hips pierced and I heard a lot of different answers.. I heard that you shouldn’t use curved barbells, but i saw a video on youtube and it loooked pretty good ! But then i saw another video and they used a surface barbell(staple like jewlery) . Is it still okay to use [...]

my navel piercing is moving to the surface of my skin. is that a bad thing? what should i do?

there is only a little bit of skin, the ring is holding onto.