Surface Piercings

I want to get my hips pierced and i need some more information!?

I wanted to know the difference in feeling between a surface piercing or a dermal anchor? And which one is more comfortable? Also how long would it take to heal, depending on which one i get? I wanted to know the difference in feeling between a surface piercing or a dermal anchor? And which one [...]

Microdermal pain compared to surface?

So. I’m going to get 2 microdermals under my eye. I know it will hurt, I’m aware. I’m just wondering for those of you who’ve had it done, how would you compare it to a surface piercing or a nose piercing? how much more painful? And are they usually quick? Thaaankkssss just lookinggg for info

How old do you have to be to get yr wrist pierced?

Just wondering do you HAVE to be 18 to get a surface piercing or can you get it done if you have parental consent, or does it just depend where you go to get it done? I’m from the UK and 17 if it helps aha! I want to get it done tomorrow so quick [...]

i really want to get surface piercings?

but i know that if they are done wrong or with the wrong type of jewelry they can migrate or your body can reject them. So i was wondering if anybody who has or knows somebody who has a successful surface piercing at a parlor in Mass if you could tell me the name of [...]

Wrist piercing and rejection?

I know all surface piercings eventually reject, but some take longer then others. Mine was done with a staple bar, and a dermal punch thing to make the 2 holes, and the bar was placed quite deep. I believe this is the best way to do it? I got a surface piercing instead of dermals [...]

cute lip piercing.. will this work?

ok welll i got my snake bites done. i did it one side at a time well right side hurt so bad. so i took it out. it half way healed then i stuck a needle through it but i couldnt break the skin inside my mouth so i cut a nose ring in half [...]

Wrist Piercing? Which do you like better: Dermal Anchor or Surface Bar?

Will an ear piercing still be visible if I let it heal?

Ok, so I want my ear pierced to see what it looks like, but my parents would freak. If I pierce it, then take it out after a few hours, will it heal over completely? I mean, will it heal so you can’t actually see anything, or will there always be a tiny surface hole? [...]

any piercers, or someone with piercing experience , please help!?

kay so on saterday i got an anti brow surface piercing, is it normal for it to be bruised around it, and also, one side seems to be heeled but the other side is kinda of red and a little swolen still, and hurts when i touch it. is all of this normal, or is [...]

How long do surface piercings last?

I know that your body rejects surface piercings. But, how long do they last untill they begin to reject. I want to get my wrist, hip, or neck pierced. Also, do you think snake bites or just one lip piercing looks better. And, for a nose piercing, is a ring or stud easier to heal. [...]