Surface Piercings

I need some cute piercing ideas, any suggestions anyone?

I’m trying to think of a small cute piercing that i can do myself. I’ve done my nose, tongue web, both cartiladge piercings, and regular ear piercings myself, but i want another one! I want something cute, but that can be hidden with clothes or hair for while i’m at work. I LOVE the idea [...]

How to clear up the APPEARANCE of scar tissue from past navel piercing?

I had my navel pierced once and I don’t want to get rid of the scar tissue yet because I might get it repierced one day. But I want to know how to get rid of the appearance on the surface.

what piercing should i get for my 14th birthday?

Im aloud any piercing except for noes, tongue, private parts LOL or surface piercings. I already have, belly button and double lobes. maybe a ear piercing? tragus..? industrial..? any others that a nice or unique? I very good with the after care. thankyou very much.

BOYS – What do you think of this piercing this girl has? ( PIC)?

I saw this picture of this surface piercing this girl has and i quite liking and i just wanted some others opponions on it , so tell me thanks

Best piercing place to get my microdermals in/near new york city?

I’m planning to get my hips pierced, but i don’t want surface piercings since they reject easily so i’m planning to get microdermals Do any of you recommend any places to get them done? I’m willing to go out of state too just not too far. thanks in advance

Piercing question and questions about gauging/stretching.?

Actually, two. I want hip piercings reallly bad but I heard that they reject very easily and get infected easily, also. Is this because it is a surface piercing or is there any way to get around this? And about gauges, can I skip from a 16 to a 12? Or a 10? Because the [...]

why is there extra white skin around my lip piercing inside?

I had my lip piercing for like a week now , and a few days ago i notice there’s white skin covering around the flat surface . What is it? And i’m scare it will completely cover my ring ! should i take it out ? i don’t think its infected , it doesn’t hurt [...]

What should you do when your nose piercing disappears?

I got my nose pierced four days ago and it seems to be healing properly. Only problem is that the stud is beginning to sink below the surface of my skin. I’m not really sure what to do. When I got it done, I was told to wait two weeks to remove the stud, but [...]

Can you change a straight bar to a surface bar?

I have my hip done with a straight bar, its really recent. I done it on May 28th. And i was wondering if I can change it to a surface bar or PFTE (unless thats the same) but yeah. Which one is better? And i know piercing it with a straight bar was a terrible [...]

places to pierce that arent surface piercings?

I K N O W : piercing yourself is absolutely stupid. but i’m not denying im stupid, so on with it i’m not in to surface piercings, especially doing them myself – but are there any other places on the body (not the chest/genitals) that i can pierce – but arent surface piercings? i already [...]