Surface Piercings

How badly does a surface stomach piercing hurt?

I am getting my stomach pierced right below my belly button. it was be a horizontal surface piercing. How badly will it hurt? I have my belly button and my nose pierced so i can take pain. does it feel kind of like those piercings? thanks alot !

surface piercing?

im thinking about getting a surface piercing right underneath my belly button so the studs make a triangle around my belly button. how much does it hurt(i take pain very well)? and about how much would it cost?

Surface piercing…?

This past Friday I went and got a surface piercing on my chest and then on Saturday I got a bad sunburn on it… How is that going to affect the piercing? Also what are some things I should expect with the piercing? I’ve been having some pain and also I noticed that the jewelry [...]

How do I keep a surface piercing from rejecting?

So I have my anti eyebrow pierced and I wanted to know if anyone could shed some light. I really do not want my piercing to reject, and I was wondering if regularly using sea salt soaks and anti microbial soap would be enough. I also wanted to know if anyone knew where I could [...]