Other Piercing

How long should a Forward Helix bleed for after you have had it pierced?

I got my forward helix pierced 2 days ago and it is still bleeding around the piercing today which is starting to worry me because when I got my upper ear (cartilage) pierced it didn’t bleed at all after the first day.

It is possible to Simplest way To hold My Water Heater?

Linking a difficulties heater is one of the more common house fix work opportunities and is also straightforward to learn. But, you should definitely study all the instructions before starting. You don’t want to get that you’re stuck with no trouble. Definitely, first of all you should do is disconnect and remove the existing warm [...]

surface piercings

i have a client who wants to get surface piercings on her inner forearm specifically so that they will reject and leave scars in a certain pattern. i have done surface piercing on the forearm before but i used tygon for the flexibility, however when those reject they do not typically scar as badly. does [...]

monroe piercing too short??

I got mi monroe done on Saturday and its still swollen abit its a 16g but the inside piece is creating a indent in my skin and the ball is half way in the hole it doesn’t hurt tho and its too early to change to a longer one n I don’t even know where [...]

Bruised Piercing, maybe infected?

Okay, so exactly a month ago I got my nose and my belly pierced the same day. My nose is fine; it doesn’t hurt when i twist it or clean it. I never had any trouble with it. But my belly piercing is bruised I think. It’s purplish around the holes, but the puss that [...]

Is this normal?

I had my rook pierced four weeks ago yesterday. I was just wondering if it is normal for it to still be so sore. My son and I were swimming the other day and he accidentally hit it. I almost screamed it hurt so bad. Like I said, I’m just wondering if this is normal [...]

Second Lobe Piercing

I was wondering about how much a second lobe piercing would cost at a tattoo parlor?   I have a helix and a traditional ear piercing, so I think I can handle it.    I paid $50 for the helix, and I was hoping this would be cheaper. Thanks, LS

3days ago

if i got a tongue piercing about 3 days ago can i take it out to eat?  


i had my ears pierced all the way up my ear, but when i finally had all the ones i wanted, i didn’t like them. i took the studs out and the skins closed up now, but below the skin itself, there are lumps. it’s only on a few of them, but i don’t know [...]

which one?

right, i have my lobes pierced 3 times on each ear, and i have my tragus pierced on my left ear. i want to get a conch piercing or a rook next but i’m not sure which ear to get it on or which one. help?:L