Unusual Piercings

Could you take a minute to read my opening for my book and tell me what you think?

could you please take some time to read this and tell me what you think so far? Prologue Sometime in 1979… Nothing seemed to stick out about that warm august night; nothing at all. The hot days preceded even hotter nights. The humidity had seen Mallorie not turn on the hot water pump, a rare [...]

What Do You Think Of My Story ?

This is the first one I’ve wrote and I’m 13. It’s a short story. Did you ever wish you could change? Look like someone else? Become someone you’re not? I can. The leaves outside my window were a burning shade of oranges, browns and yellows, their colours were only dulled by the overcast and grey [...]

Could my story win a middle school level writing competition? (only read if you have enough TIME)?

The Middle part ONLY They both hear Bethany’s muffled words on their phones. It sounded like she was trying to say “He has a gun”. Shaking, Brianna asked “Who are you and why are you doing this?” In an extremely piercing and bloodcurdling voice, the stranger silently announced “Lets just say my name is Michael. [...]

Shakespearian sonnet!!! what do you think?

The night stars twinkle as I hold my breath You see right through me like a piercing blade Time stands still as if approaching death You are the dark knight and I am the preyed My heart is treading at a quick pace Your glare burns my skin and freezes my veins My mind is [...]

What do you think of this poem, Stealing?

Read it. The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman. Midnight. He looked magnificent; a tall, white mute beneath the winter moon. I wanted him, a mate with a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my own brain. I started with the head. Better off dead than giving in, not taking [...]

Anything i can improve on in my story?

I think its good so far… but i dont know. honestly, i think i could improve but what should i improve on?(chilren’s book) The Magic Key Chapter 1 On a calm Autumn day when the leaves were just changing color you would it would be normal. Well, not here. Here it was a day that [...]

PLEASE ANSWER! My story that im writing.?

I approached Tyler once again, to finish him this time. However, Kyla saw what I was to do and motioned for Michael to grab me. I shrieked in rage and I let out an ear-piercing hiss that slithered off of my tongue. Kyla threw back her head and laughed. I twisted my face into an [...]

Check out this passage I wrote?

I was being watched. There were so many places for them to hide, moving so gracefully in between the trees, behind the cars, in them even. And I felt so sure, so sure that something was coming. And nothing did. With each second that past I was growing more certain that the next was to [...]

Does this describe you for your rising sign?

Aries Rising: Accepted behavior: To learn behavior that will foster courage throughout life, and encourage the ability to stand up for themselves. The family situation might test their resolve, and provoke them into fighting for a role as leader in the family. Physical traits: Assertive personality. Noticeable Aries glyph in face with eyebrows and forehead [...]

Would you like to read this book?

This is a friend’s beginning to a book. I want to see if she really is a good writer, and she’s not just saying she is. Here goes: I lied to her. I had to. It was the only way. My other choice would have been to knock her out. If I told her my [...]