Unusual Piercings

What lip piercing should I get?

I want to get a lip piercing but I don’t know what kind would look best. Here’s a picture of me, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3404/3327193338_588a163167.jpg?v=0 I love the way medusa piercings look on some people, but I’m not sure if one would look good on me. http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/05-lips/A90216/high/f05a-14g-medusa.jpg I think a center labret piercing would look good on me, [...]

which piercing would go best with a nostril piercing?

so i already have my nose pierced and am thinking about adding another facial piercing! i like to alternate between a stud and a ring usually.i have had my septum, medusa, and lip pierced before. i know about pain/aftercare, those aren’t really concerns. they all looked pretty good, the only problem i had was with [...]

What are some not so common piercings?

I already have my lip pierced but I want to get something else pierced, Something unusual. I don’t like tongue piercings,nose,&eyebrows so yeah lol any ideas?

Nape piercing?

I’m a somewhat modest person when it comes to piercings. I have a belly button ring and a stud in my nose. I’ve wanted a new piercing but wasn’t sure what. I was thinking either a stud in my lip, inverse navel, or eyebrow piercing. I figured that the inverse navel would be too discreet, [...]

The best part of your ear to get pierced?

I’m 13 and I’m thinking about getting another piercing in my ear. What’s the most unusual place and cuttest place on your ear to get pierced? Whatever the piercing is, I want it in both my left and my right ear.

Piercing ideas anyone?

rightt, i already have a helix piercing, scaffolding/industrial piercing, lobe piercings, and three piercings around my naval ( one on top then two on the bottom, like a triangle ) but i really want another one, just cant think of one. i want an unusual one but not a surface piercing because i dont really [...]

What’s your favourite piercing?

I want a new one but I’m not sure what to get. I already have my lobes twice, my naval, my right tragus and my left rook. I can’t get any facial piercings so I’m really just looking at ear or body piercings. So what’s your favourite ear/body piercing? I’d love to hear about anything [...]

Im looking for a greenhouse in WA state that specializes in unusual or rare orchids or bromeliads for viewing.?

Preferably in Thurston or Pierce counties.Thanks for any information you provide.

Where should i get a piercing?

Ok, well I really want a new piercing. Atm I only have lobes, cartilage and tragus, and I really want something different/unusual but i’m not sure what… maybe a surface piercing? I can’t have facial ones because of school regulations (or I’d get a lip ring) any ideas of cool place? I was thinking a [...]

Hmm what piercing to get ??

Well , i have just turned 16 and i have got my belly button pierced , my tragus , my helix and three studs on my right lobe two on my left . My mum likes piercings and tattoos so she does not mind . However , I want something new either a nose piercing [...]