Unusual Piercings

Constructive criticism for the opening of my story?

My head ached. My vision was blurred. My body was covered in my own blood. The pain had ceased and the silence was only making me more insane. “Is she… alright?” I heard a familiar voice, and I tried to smile, but my muscles decided not to. “Charlotte! Please answer me!” The sound of my [...]

Rate this by scariness (1-10)?

It was a particularly peaceful day in February. Peculiarly warm for the time of year. The sun was out and birds were singing. It was a very splendid afternoon indeed. So warm and calm that I decided to take advantage of this tranquillity. I would take a walk down to the edge of the Forrest, [...]

What do you think of my story?

This story is for my English Project: Did you ever wish you could change? Look like someone else? Become someone you’re not? I can. I lifted my head gently up to the bright, blue ocean of air above, an ocean in which tiny clouds and white wisps couldn’t win a race against the tortoise. Slowly, [...]

Do quirky, immature straight dudes say ‘I love you’ to people they would like to friends with?

A friend I made at college this year told me on two different occasions he said ‘I love you’ to me. It wasn’t an emotive declaration or anything like that. The first time he said it was said in a jesting tone, as he sat with other people a few seats behind me in a [...]

Stretched Ear Question – Sizing Down?

Ok so my ears have been 10mm/00guage for nearly a year now and I’m bored of them. Too many people have them now. It used to be a thing that made you stand out and was unusual but now nearly every other person has them. And I miss regular earrings SO much. But, I’m afraid [...]

What do you think of my story? please, i really need your suggestions.?

MOVING ON “It’s all sparkly, like diamonds are in the sky, as if the heavens had come down. There’s blue, red and green.” I want nobody, nobody but you… I could almost hear this ear piercing tune inside my ear even when I was still away from earth and still living back in my Technicolor [...]

Help Me Find The Metaphors please?

i need to find the metaphors in the poem ……….. first answer =10 points plz help quick The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman. Midnight. He looked magnificent; a tall, white mute beneath the winter moon. I wanted him, a mate with a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my [...]

This or That? Narrowed It Down To Two Choices for Female – Now Help, Please?

So the character is either going to be a Ruth or an Abigail, or maybe something else. She is a semi-strange girl, with dark black-brown hair that is long, cut with strait, usually tousled bangs that touch along dark, long black eyelashes, shaded around amazing, beautiful, piercing blue eyes the color of the Ocean; the [...]

Is this a good beginning to my story?

I tapped a wilted finger anemically on the oak coffee table beside me, staring out the window at the interminable rain. Reveries floundered around inside my worn out brain aching to be spoken. Today is the day. They whispered desperately in my mind. Time seemed to be going at an unusual pace. The seconds ticked [...]

why do i have such weird dreams?

okay so mostly every night i have a ridiculously weird dream and i cant find the cause of it. i dont eat before i go to bed and i dont do anything unusual to set it off. last night i had a dream about getting belly button piercing of a map of italy. i talked [...]