Unusual Piercings

Opinions of my story beginning?

The music thudded from the speakers and I watched intently as everybody danced happily, grinning and laughing and hugging each other. Not that I didn’t enjoy doing that, but today something was amiss. Something felt different, like I should keep my senses alert. All day Sammy had been telling me to calm down; that nothing [...]

Is my story too dramatic?

Please look over it and tell me if you have the time. Thanks! He was tall. His hair was dark. His eyes, a piercing green. No one knew his name. He was secret. He was a pure mystery to all those around him. There was one lady in particular, who did know who he was. [...]

Do you think tattoos/piercings look cheap?

I don’t have a tattoo, but lately i’ve been thinking about getting a small elegant/pretty one behind my ear just under my hairline. Something small, nothing gaudy or tacky. And as for piercings, i had my ears post, my lobes and the top of my right ear pierced, and had my tragus done, but i [...]

Janessa’s Daily RiddleS!!! 4 OF THEM! 10POINTS! I’M BACK!?

1.The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place 2.A boy was at a carnival and went to a booth where a man said to the boy, “If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give [...]

How can I decrease the size of my swollen tragus?

A friend and I both got our tragii pierced, and so this question is on behalf of the both of us. The piercing was done back in the middle of December, and having had many successfully healed piercings, I know that this one should be completely healed by now. I’ve been cleaning it daily, both [...]

Why did my ear start eating my ear ring?

I got my ears pierced when i was young and everything was fine and had no problems. I decided that a good few years after that i get a second lot done just above them, i went with a friend to place near by which she picked because she wanted the same as me done. [...]

Critique this please?

In my novel my main character is having a flash back about the secretary he’s having sex with. (I know it sounds bad, but that’s just the way he is.) Anyway, it’s unfinished… I’m kind of stuck at where else to go from here.. —————————————————- Italics – I remember the first time Minako Hamiguchi stepped [...]

what piercings could i get?

hi im 14 n i want 2 get a 6th piercing n i reeeaaally wanted snakebites but my mom sed no she sed i can get my ears pierced again, a surface piercing, or my bellybutton a few more times can sum1 give me sum ideas or send me sum pix btw i want sumthin [...]

Surreal Makeover–Help?

I’m going on a trip where I will need to make everything about my appearance a heightened sense of reality. Everything should be heightened in color, etc. like someone would think of for a fantasy. I need some help acheiving this. I don’t mind permanent dyes etc., but tattooing and piercing is out of the [...]

Am i gothic person ugh?

Lmfao….. Well the other day I was asked out by this boy,And rite after he asked me out he said HAHA!no you retro goth freak…Very heartful but here is what i am: I love old bands Like Beatels,Aerosmith,and lots of other bands. I love hot topic My hair is black and very unusual.But not to [...]