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how can i pursuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced?

she said i have to wait until i’m 16 but i really want them done i am 12

How much scarring does an anti-eyebrow piercing leave after its been taken out?

I’m just really curious. I want to get it done but I don’t want a lot of scarring. I know there is more scarring if it rejects but if I were to take it out on my own terms I want to know how much scarring tere would be.

Why do some gals and guys pierce their tongue?

I get the impression they’re gays and lesbians

Why do they use a straight needle to pierce your belly button?

I’ve always wondered, because the jewelry is curved. So why is the needle straight?

Does getting my vagina pierced hurt?

I was thinking of getting it pierced but I don’t want it to hurt to much. Also does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

Do you are someone you know have a piercing on or in their privates?

Ok, I am contemplating on getting a piercing somewhere down south, but I do not want it to be “just jewelry” I want it to be pleasure. Do you or do you know someone that has one and guys how many of you have a pierced “friend”… I personally had an encounter before with a [...]

Why is my friends hip piercing red?

I pierced my friend’s hip yesterday, and now it’s red and it hurts when she moves…. What’s going on with it?

I’ve asked this question before but I’m looking for more answers. Do you have a rook piercing?

do you have a rook piercing? im looking into getting on when i go out for the day on monday. what was your experience? did it take longer for the needle to go through compared to other piercings? did you start out with a curved barvell or a captive bead ring? what looks better in [...]

Why aren’t my nipples very sensitive?

I know this is kind of a sexy question but I really want to know. I’ve never really asked my girlfriends about theirs but I just wish my nipples felt more sensitive. I’ve even gotten them pierced a few years ago and that didn’t really do much. My boobs are borrrring.

What is the appropriate age for a little girl to get her ears pierced?

I have 3 daughters age 9, 8 and 4. They all want to get their ears pierced but I think they are too young. I’ve seen little babies with earrings and I think it looks so tacky and makes me want to cry! Are my kids old enough? What do you think is the appropriate [...]