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what will happenn if u get a tongue ring?

i got a tongue ring 5 days ago and i want to know when can i change it? and when will it heals? and what is the fast way? i what to know every thing.

Does the prince Albert peircing hurt?

I’m thinking about getting my penis pierced sometime because I hear it enhances pleasure for women. Does it hurt? And how long cant I have sex?

I have a prince albert piercing, I love it. Best thing I ever did. Now I want a pubic piercing.?

Do women really like a pubic piercing? Does it make sex more pleasurable? Does it hurt? The PA did not

If I do sit-ups every day after I get my bellybutton pierced, will it reject/seriously hurt?

I’m getting a bellybutton piercing Monday, and i’m pretty flat-stomached I guess, I just have a little bit of flab. If I do sit-ups ( and clean the piercing a lot, duh ) will it hurt REALLY bad, become really red, and/or reject?

how do i pierce my cartilage myself?

i wanna do it my self. so if ur not going to tell me how, then don’t bother answering it thanksss

How old to get an ear piercing in Oregon?

I’m seventeen and most of my friends are eighteen, and they’re all getting an ear pierced graduation day. I want to get one too but I’m seventeen? It’d just be in the cartilage right above my lobe piercing… I heard that I can get a cartilage piercing at 16 without parental consent but I’m not [...]

Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear?

Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear? Does it have a proper name? Is it flesh or cartlidge? Thanks, I’m not sure what i should be asking for when I get it done. I’ve seen people with them, studs on the top parts of their ears. So yes, thanks.

how can i get rid of nose piercing infection?

im not sure if its an infection but when i pierced my nose i did it myself with a sterilized needle. it doesnt have a bump but it is really purple around the piercing. is there anyway of fixing this?

What looks better with a lip piercing and an Eyebrow piercing?

I have size 2 gauge plugs, and I wanted to go up to around 3/8′s or a 00. However, I also am getting my side lip piercing and a vertical eyebrow piercing. Would that look good with 3/8 gauges or should i take out my gauges, and go back to diamond earrings?